[SD] Smackdown Taping Results from Sacramento, CA (Spoilers)


Smackdown Spoilers based on reports from Cedric Ordonez and Viet Ngyuen to WrestlingObserver.com (it doesn’t look like there were any Velocity matches taped, unless matches were taken out of order):

After the changeover, JBL, not entering via limo, started Smackdown off with a promo against Batista before his music came on again and the limo came out. I was expecting Orlando Jordan and was pretty surprised to see the bWo come out. They had an exchange that set up JBL vs Blue Meanie for the show. Mostly ECW chants from the crowd with a few bWo chants. I’m sure most of the crowd didn’t know what was going on or about the backstory between JBL & Meanie, so the segment got a mild reaction.

Eddie-Rey backstage promo was up next. Eddie wants Rey to be his partner, but Rey naturally tries to decline until Eddie brings up “their little secret”.

Benoit beats Booker T with Crossface to become the number one contender.

Hassan backstage vignette to set up Daivari vs Undertaker for Smackdown, and Taker vs Hassan for Summerslam.

The Blue Meanie pinned JBL after Batista ran in and gave a spinebuster to JBL and threw an out of it Meanie on top of JBL. Stevie Richards delivered a nasty chairshot to JBL that appeared to bust him open hardway.

MNM defeated Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero to retain the tag titles when Nitro(?) pinned Rey. The main story during the match was Eddie walking off the apron and sitting out most of the match, forcing Rey to go at it alone. Rey nearly won singlehandedly, but Eddie attacked Rey and allowed MNM to finish him off. After the match, Eddie tries to get Rey to strike him, but reminds him of their little secret, then brings up Rey’s son. Eddie forces Rey to open up the ropes for him on his exit.

Christian backstage interview talking about him and Batista for the World title later tonight.

Matt Morgan NC William Regal when the Mexicools make an appearance and squash Morgan with highspots topped off with a triple team baseball slide to force Morgan out of the ring. Regal never even entered the ring. The Mexicools cut a promo, with Juventud running down different ethnicities.

Undertaker squashes Daivari with a chokeslam and Tombstone, but the big thing is Hassan summoning 5 or 6 masked men that just kinda look like terrorists to destroy the Undertaker, beating him and choking him out with piano wire. Hassan adds on a camel clutch for extra measure, and the masked terrorists carry Daivari to the back.

Batista defeated Christian after a Batista Bomb. JBL and Orlando Jordan attempt to run in after the match but Batista fends them both off, delivering a Batista Bomb to OJ in the process. After the cameras stopped rolling, Batista posed for the crowd some more and seemed a bit moved by the crowd reaction.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com, Cedric Ordonez, Viet Ngyuen

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