Bill\'s Back!

After his hugely popular resurrection in 2004, Invasion!’s shotgun-wielding Cockney resistance leader Bill Savage is back to boot the Volgans out of Britain in the second series Out of Order by the creative team of writer Pat Mills (A.B.C. Warriors/Sláine/Charley’s War) and Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard. Commencing in Prog 1450 (on sale 3 August 2005), it picks up where the last story left off and opens with Bill languishing in the hands of the enemy – and the beautiful but deadly Volgan commander Svetlana is determined to destroy him once and for all…

Set in an alternate Britain under the yoke of the invading Volgans, Savage‘s mix of high-octane action and pertinent political comment proved an instant hit with readers, and this sequel promises to top it, upping the stakes and delving even deeper into the lives of the freedom fighters.

But Savage is just part of the Summer line-up beginning in Prog 1450, an ideal jumping-on issue that features a whole roster of new stories. Also starting is star-spanning epic Leatherjack by the acclaimed duo behind Firekind, John Smith and Paul Marshall, as a mysterious assassin is pursued across the galaxy; there’s a new adventure for Robo-Hunter Samantha Slade, courtesy of Alan Grant and Ian Gibson; and a Mega-City One citizen wakes up to a bad day at the hands of the Judges in Judge Dredd: Caught in the Act by John Wagner and Monolith artist Phil Winslade.

And the Thrills don’t stop there – in Prog 1451 (on sale 10 August 2005) moon-based murder-mystery Breathing Space makes its debut, courtesy of Rob Williams (Cla$$ War/Star Wars Tales), Peter Doherty (Seaguy/Shaolin Cowboy) and Laurence Campbell, and in Prog 1452 (on sale 17 August 2005) Mandroid, a major new Dredd story, begins by John Wagner and Kev Walker (Young James Bond)!

2000 AD Prog 1450 is on sale 3 August 2005, priced £1.75