[OVW] TV Results from July 2, 2005


OVW TV results from 07/02/2005 – DAVIS ARENA – according to Dale Sherman and OVWrestling.com:


REF: Goose Mahoney

Nick Nemeth had a new look with his shaved head, perhaps to counter the abundance of hair products that Vik and Robbie brought to the ring with them. It may have proved to be like a cross to a vampire, as Nemeth easily dominated the beginning of the match against Delicious, countering every move Vik, ending when a rana dropped Vik to the mat for a near-pin.

In the corner, Chet and Nick tagged back and forth to work over Vik’s arm until Delicious managed a kick to the gut on Chet. Throwing the Jet into the corner, Delicious tagged in Robbie. Dawber hiptossed Chet, but Chet countered with a hiptoss of his own, then hiptossed Robbie again after a shoulderblock. With a vertical suplex into a powerslam, Chet went for the pin, but Dawber managed to break out. Chet whipped Dawber into a corner for a chop, but another whip was reversed by Robbie and Chet hit the opposite corner.

Chet hit Dawber with a boot to the face as Robbie came running into the corner, and then jumped on the turnbuckle to set up a move. Stumbling away from the boot, Dawber grabbed the ref and dragged him away in order to allow Vik a chance to sucker-punch Chet off the corner. Tangled in the top-rope as he fell, Chet hung upside down from one leg. Nemeth tried to come in to help his partner, only for Mahoney to hold him back. This allowed Delicious and Dawber to team up on stomping Chet several times before throwing him into the ring for a near-pin.

Chet fought back with a rollup on Dawber and then managed to tag in Nemeth. Nick knocked Delicious off the apron and kicked Dawber down for a pin-attempt that was just barely stopped by an attack from behind by Vik. Chet came into the ring to pull Vik off, but was momentarily knocked senseless by Vik. Vik and Robbie then doubleteamed on Nemeth, but Nick managed to kick Delicious in the face and rolled-up Dawber as Chet chased off Delicious. With no one to come to Robbie’s aid, Nemeth got the pin for the win.


Kenny Bolin came out with his BS’ers behind him. With Ms. Blue, Mike Mondo and Blaster at his side, Bolin demanded that Dean give him the microphone and hold his briefcase as he told the audience that Bolin Services was getting bigger and better every day. In fact, BS had the hottest young star, the Golden Boy, the new Television Champion, Ken Doane.

With that introduction, Ken Doane emerged with the Television Championship trophy in one arm and a blond female trophy on the other. As the two entered the ring, Bolin went on to say that he knew what the youth of American wanted. No, not for him to shut up, but rather they wanted money, cars and girls. With his connections, Bolin could get the – I’m quoting here – “pick of the litter” when it came to pretty young girls for those under BS’ lucrative contracts. The girl on Doane’s arm, Desiree, was an example of the fringe benefits one got when joining Bolin Services. Also, to prove his support of Doane, Bolin had legally adopted Ken.

Before that little bombshell could sink it, Doane grabbed the microphone to tell Cornette that he would not be held back by him any longer. Once again, he brought up how Randy Orton may have been someone Cornette thought was great, but Doane was younger and better than Randy Orton ever was.

Cornette stood up from the announcers’ table and told Doane to shut up as he had a letter to read from Randy Orton. In the letter, Orton stated that he kept up with what was happening in OVW through the reports on the website and saw that Doane had mentioned being younger and better than he was. “As a man, I’m insulted,” Orton wrote, stating that, although the doctors have not yet cleared him for wrestling, on July 15th at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom he would be there to confront Doane about his comments.

As Doane and the rest of BS got mad, Bolin got on the microphone to tell Cornette that he was tired of Cornette’s one-up-man-ship and interfering with his attempts to make some money. Now it was WAR! A fight to the finish to control OVW! Bolin said he would destroy Cornette unless he was smarter than George Bush and pulled his troops out of the war!

With the declaration of war made, Bolin Services marched out of the ring to prepare for their next battle.


REF: Chris Kay

Aaron Stevens and Beth Phoenix made their way to the ring before the match so that Stevens could make an announcement. He was sick and tired of everyone asking him when he was going to face the Crowbar – the devastating move of Brent Albright that has made all comers tap out. Stevens addressed his next comment to Albright, telling him that he had a move of his own that he had been perfecting. Some knew the move as the Figure Four, but the leg-lock move would be forever known from that point forward as the Idol Lock. Once The Idol got Albright in the Idol Lock, Brent would hear his bones crack and his tendons snap. “Snap! Crackle! Pop! The Shooter will be shot down!”

With The Idol’s rant finished, Albright came out and handed off the OVW Championship belt to Kay as the two men got ready for the start of the match. A lockup found The Idol hiptossing Albright and then a break. The next lockup gave Albright the advantage with a suplex and two hiptosses before he began to work over Stevens’ arm to get it ready for the Crowbar.

Idol broke the hold with a punch to the face. He then whipped Albright to the ropes, but Brent baseball-slid under Aaron and put The Idol into the Atomic Drop and then kneed Stevens in the face as he was still bent forward in pain. Albright went for a pin, but The Idol broke out and headed to the ropes. Brent roared at him with a hard clothesline that sent The Idol to the floor. Getting out of the ring to pull Stevens back in, Albright was blocked by Beth Phoenix. Moving her out of the way, Albright missed seeing Stevens coming at him with a tackle at the knees. With Brent in pain, Aaron kicked at the other leg and then worked the knee a couple of times on the ringpost, forcing Brent to drop to the floor in pain.

Albright found no relief on the floor, with Phoenix stomping on the knee until Brent struggled to get back into the ring and immediately fell into a near-pin by Stevens. The Idol continued to abuse Albright’s knee, even putting the leg up on the ropes and dropping an elbow on it. Still, an attempt at the Figure Fo – I mean, the Idol Lock allowed Albright to kick Stevens straight into a turnbuckle and then roll The Idol up for a near-pin when Stevens bounced back.

Looking to gain an advantage while trying to stand on his injured leg, Albright dropped Stevens with several punches. Unfortunately for Brent, he could not sustain a vertical suplex long enough to complete it, thanks to the injured leg and was instead found himself the victim of a suplex by Aaron for a near pin.

Stevens continued to stomp and kick at the leg, until Albright forced The Idol into the Crowbar. It appeared that Aaron was about to tap-out when Phoenix grabbed one of Stevens’ legs and pulled it over the apron, thus forcing Kay to have Albright break off the hold. Knowing Phoenix was involved somehow, Albright starred down at her from inside the ring, turning around just in time to see The Idol running straight at him.

Wishing to avoid the attack, Albright hiptossed The Idol over the ropes and down to the floor. As it was considered a deliberate throw over the ropes – instead of the accidental moment earlier where Albright had clotheslined Stevens – Kay had no choice but to disqualify the match.

In anger, Albright went out on the floor and grabbed Phoenix by the hair. Stevens then attacked Albright from behind and put him into an Idol Lock that three men to break Albright out of, leaving Albright in serious pain as Phoenix and Stevens crawled their way to the back.


Jim Cornette was in the ring to talk to Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappotelli about their upcoming special OVW match for the Southern Tag-Team Titles at the RAW houseshow coming to Broadbent Arena on July 16th. The two were looking forward to going up against the Blonde Bombers for the match for the belts had been a long time coming.

Before they could get any further in the interview, The Blonde Bombers arrived at ringside with Ken Anderson off to the side and Jillian Hall at center-stage; which was only fitting as she was wearing nothing but the title belts. Once in the ring – an amazing maneuver on the part of Hall in those belts – Tank told Cornette and the Thrillseekers that they had defended the belts just a week before and that they only had to put them on the line once a month. The RAW houseshow would have made it only 21 days, so they would NOT be putting the belts on the line at the show.

That attitude changed when the Thrillseekers announced that they felt the “Brady Bunch” was afraid to put the belts on the line. Forced to defend their honor, the Blond Bombers agreed, but Ken Anderson had a stipulation. Before that RAW houseshow event could occur, the Thrillseekers would have to do up against a couple of old friends of his at the next Six Flags event on July 15th that were former WWE Tag-Team Champions. Obviously not scared, the Thrillseekers agreed to the Six Flags match, sight-unseen as to who they would be going up against.

Who will the former WWE tag-team champions be? If we don’t find out next week, then the only way to know for sure is to hit Six Flags on July 15th for the next show in the OVW Summer Sizzler Series.


Before the next match could start, Jim Cornette wanted viewers to know about an incident that happened the previous week at the Davis Arena. In an un-televised tag-team match between Seth Skyfire and Robert Fury vs. Vik Delicious and Robbie Dawber, a huge, crazed man entered the ring and inflicted a massive amount of pain on Delicious, Dawber and Fury. Even a splash by Skyfire from the ropes did nothing to stop the man, who simply rose up from the mat like a reanimated dead man.

Grabbing the microphone, the man told everyone that, unlike him, they could sleep at night, safe in the darkness, not afraid of any bogeymen. That was going to change. He was one with the darkness for he WAS the bogeyman, and he was coming to get everyone. With that, he made his way out of the ring and slowly crawled out the exit door to the outside.

Once the footage ended, Jim Cornette reappeared on camera. He told viewers that the man seen disrupting the tag-team match was Martin Wright, a semi-finalist from the fourth season of the WWE contest show, Tough Enough. Wright had been booted from that show and had a known history of psychological problems and bodily assault. Furthermore, Wright “genuinely believes he is the Bogeyman.” Cornette went on to state that OVW has refused to train him and that the OVW wrestlers and employees thought he was dangerous. If fans should spot the man on OVW property, Cornette concluded, “Stay away from him!”

REF: Ray Ramsey

Kenny Bolin came to the ring with Mondo and Lashley, but their leisure time in the ring was cut short by Elijah and Deuce arriving. Elijah quickly took Mondo down so that he and Deuce could doubleteam on Lashley, finding Blaster taking an elbow from Shade that sent him flying out of the ring. With Blaster out, Shade and Burke then doubleteamed on Mondo until finally it decided for Shade to clean up with Mondo alone.

After a flying clothesline that gave Shade a near-pin on Mondo, Deuce dragged Mondo over to the corner to tag in Burke. Elijah hiptossed Mondo three times and then threw Mike into a pin-attempt, but Mondo managed to kick out. Slamming Mondo to the mat, Burke tagged Shade back in for another near-pin on Mondo.

After Mondo snuck in a short-arm clothesline on Shade, Deuce tagged in Elijah. Blaster then ran into the ring and fought with Burke until Shade diverted Lashley’s attention. Unfortunately, Deuce also attracted Ramsey’s attention as Burke waited for the 1-2-3 on a fully pinned Mondo. With everyone else busy in the corner, Ken Doane ran in and picked up Burke, slamming him head-first into the mat, allowing Mondo to get the pin when Ramsey’s attention was brought back to the match.

As Ramsey held up Mondo’s arm in victory, Chris Kay and Goose Mahoney came in to dispute the call, clearly pointing out Doane at ringside. Bolin could be seen motioning for someone to come from backstage and a huge seven foot tall, 350 pound man came in from backstage and started beating up on anyone trying to enter the ring as the rest of Bolin Services punched up the refs and the others.

Who is the mystery man that appears to be helping Bolin? No doubt next week’s show will tell the tale.

Credit: Dale Sherman and OVWrestling.com

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