[OVW] TV Results from June 25, 2005


OVW TV report from 06/25/2005 – DAVIS ARENA – according to Dale Sherman and OVWrestling.com:


REF: Chris Kay

Inferno arrived at the ring with Synn by his side in order to take care of business if Beth Phoenix should try to cause trouble. Heck, knowing Synn, she could take care of business if Aaron “The Idol” Stevens showed up as well. Or even a platoon of marines. They were soon followed by Paul Birchall, who evidently arrived with his ego as he now wished to be referred to as THE Paul Birchall.

As Inferno bent down between the ropes for some last minute words to Synn, Birchall ran up and attacked to start off the match. Inferno soon turned the match around by grabbing Birchall and ramming his head into a corner turnbuckle several times before clotheslining him. A few punches later found Birchall on the mat and Inferno pinning him, but Paul kicked out. Inferno followed up with a backdrop and a slam for another near-pin, which led to Paul heading out of the ring.

With Kay holding Inferno back, Birchall climbed up on the apron. Inferno ran over only to have Paul grab him by the head and then drop off the apron, forcing Inferno to nearly guillotine himself on the top rope. Running into the ring while Inferno was still dazed, Birchall hit the neckbreaker followed by a few stomps and then a whip into the corner for a near-pin on Danny. Dragging Inferno up, Paul hit him with a few jabs of the elbow before choking Inferno on the ropes. With a yank of the rope by Birchall, Inferno flew backwards and flipped over.

Inferno tried to fight back, but Birchall soon had him in a headlock, forcing Danny down on the mat. However, Birchall attempted a standing moonsault by the side of Inferno, only to find himself the victim of Danny’s raised knees. Inferno came back with some chops before tackling Birchall off of the ropes. Danny continued with several punches and three clotheslines for a pin attempt, but Birchall wasn’t quite ready to give up. Inferno chopped Birchall hard on the back and powerslammed Paul for another near-pin.

At the ropes, Birchall reached into his tights to pull out a chain and was wrapping it around his hand as Synn ran up and maced him. Unable to see, Birchall left himself open to a flatliner by Inferno for the pin.


As fans know, Jim Cornette confronted Kenny Bolin last week on the show about the harm Bolin tried to do to Cornette’s relationship with OVW, their sponsors and WWE. To humiliate Bolin, Cornette offered Bolin the chance to put his own team together to battle against Cornette’s team at the Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series show on July 1st. The stipulation of the match is that the losing manager must kiss the foot of the winning manager.

This week saw Bolin arriving in the ring with Mike Mondo and Blaster Lashley to announce the members of Team Bolin Services. Feeling that Jim Cornette had left him no options, Bolin had put together his team for the match, which included the two present members of Bolin Services, Mike Mondo and Blaster Lashley. While Mondo enthusiastically stated “it’s gut-check time!” and Blaster points out that he’s never been pinned, Cornette came forward to make an announcement about his team.

Cornette agreed that Bolin was a big man in town. In fact, Bolin was a big man in ANY town. Nevertheless, Cornette was disappointed that Bolin went with the obvious choices instead of throwing in some type of curve. As for Team OVW – Cornette’s team – Jim had picked for his first choice a man who had guts and intestinal fortitude, Elijah Burke. Burke came out at that point; ready to show Mondo the “Elijah Experience.” For the second member of Team OVW, Cornette picked a man who could deal with the “never been pinned” Blaster, Brent “Shooter” Albright. Between the two of them, Cornette announced that they were going to beat Team BS like “a drag queen at a tractor-pull.”

Bolin appeared at ease with Cornette’s threats, however, mentioned that Jim had cut him off before he announced the third member of the team, which would be Ken Doane. Doane arrived in the ring to announce that he felt he was another in the long line of guys that Cornette had held back at OVW. In fact, he felt he was better trained and better looking than Randy Orton, yet he was stuck there at OVW. Now was his chance to get back at Cornette and Team Bolin Services was the way to do it. With three members of Team Bolin Services to Team OVW’s two, it looked like the odds were in Bolin’s favor as the announcement drew to a close.


Tank Toland, Chad Toland, Ken Anderson, Jillian Hall, and Melissa Coates came to the ring with such bright blonde hair that you would have thought a peroxide factory had exploded. Once there, Jim Cornette asked them why Ken Anderson was there with the group. Ken – I mean, Mr. – Anderson answered, stating that the reasons were obvious: They were five of the only five natural blondes in OVW. They were the best looking dudes and the hottest chicks. They all had eyes of blue. Most importantly, they were the alpha clan with the Coppertone tan. So, Anderson shot back to Cornette, why shouldn’t he be with the Blonde Bombers?

Tank continued the self-love by mentioning that the cream always rises to the top and that’s why they were the top of the food chain and the alpha males. While the Dudley Boys were big and fat, they were trim and strong, so they have no worries about running up against the Dudleys at Six Flags on July 1st. As for Chris Cage, Tank already had beaten him the previous week and Chad would have done the same if Cage had not cheated. To the Bombers and Anderson, the July 1st match at Six Flags was going to be a sure win. Are they on the right track or are they not quite as bright as their hair? The fans who check out the Six Flags show on July 1st will find out for sure.

REF: Ray Ramsey

As the match began with the new team Mo’ is managing, Cornette interviewed Mo’ about his decision to take on the two. Green felt he had been snubbed by the Heartbreakers when they moved on to WWE without him, and that the others in the OVW locker room turned on him when he tried to put together a new team. Osama and Da Beast were the only ones smart enough to go with him, however, and Mo’ Green now wanted to show the Heartbreakers they were wrong for disrespecting him.

As the match began, it appears that Mo’ may have a long time to spend before he could prove anything, as Nick and Chet the Jet quickly worked over Osama and kept Da Beast at bay in order to attempt a pin on Osama. Still, Osama managed to kick out and work his way over to Da Beast who rammed Nemeth into the corner and then whipped a tagged-in Osama into Nemeth. Osama returned the privilege, by whipping Da Beast into the corner and into Nemeth. Unfortunately, a third attempt to pull off the maneuver failed when Nemeth ducked out of the way and Osama was whipped straight into the ringpost.

Nemeth tagged in Chet during the confusion and Chet dominated Da Beast with punches and then a shoulderblock. A pin attempt was stopped by Osama, forcing Nemeth to run in and attempt to keep Osama back. Osama managed to throw Nemeth out of the ring and then helped Da Beast slam Chet the Jet to the mat in order for Da Beast to get the pin and their first official win under the management of Mo’ Green. Looks like Mo’ may wear that chikara medallion for reasons other than ornamental after all.


REF: Robert Brisko

Having faced off with Shade numerous times recently, including to a standstill at Six Flags on June 17, Doane immediately cut loose with a hard elbow to Deuce’s back after a quick lock-up. Deuce threatened to throw a punch at Doane’s head and Ken surprisingly ran off as if he was afraid. Quickly getting hold of Doane, Shade began to work on Ken’s hand, jabbing the top rope between Ken’s fingers. Deuce then went for his patented move off the second and then the top rope to hit Doane with a high-flying, slamming armbreaker.

Humiliated by Shade surfing on him after the armbreaker, Doane viciously beat down on Shade for a near-pin. Another near-pin followed, after dropping a knee on Shade. Shade elbowed out of a headlock and rolled-up Doane for a near-pin. Doane came back with a clothesline and a near-pin of his own. The two went back and forth for a punch when Ken attempted to mock Shade by doing his own version of the Deuce’s Wild, only for Shade to turn it to a backdrop. Shade followed up with some clotheslines and jumped to the top ropes in order to drop Doane with a flying legdrop. Still, it was only a near-pin.

Ken Doane dropped Shade but only got two. Moving Brisko to the corner to argue the count, Doane kept the ref from seeing Bolin enter the ring with his briefcase. Shade took care of Kenny by punching him nearly out of the ring, not seeing that Mondo had entered and grabbed the briefcase himself. Mondo slammed it into the back of Shade, leaving Shade in pain and open to a pin by Doane, giving Doane the pin and the TV Title.

In the delirium of victory, Mondo punched out Brisko and then Blaster climbed in the ring to powerslam Deuce before all began stomping Shade. Brent Albright and Elijah Burke ran in to help fight off Bolin Services, only for Kenny to throw some type of powder into Burke’s face. With that, Cornette had seen enough and entered the ring to punch out Bolin.

Seeing Cornette, Doane shockingly punched Cornette. That was followed by the even more shocking moment of seeing Blaster pick up Jim Cornette and powerslammed him into the mat. Dazed, Cornette could not fight off Bolin Services as they dragged him over to Bolin. Kenny took off his shoe and his dirty, offensive sock and stood as the others rubbed Cornette’s face over Bolin’s foot.

Just as hope seemed to fade for good, things took a turn for the better with the unannounced emergence of Eugene from the back! Eugene came flying in with a kendo stick and attacked Bolin Services, forcing them all to flee to the back. After hugging Eugene and being helped up, Cornette announced that Eugene would be a part of Team OVW at the Six Flags show on July 1st, along with Deuce Shade there to help. Cornette finished the night off by leaving no doubt that the match at Six Flags was going to end with Bolin kissing Cornette’s foot “all night long.”

Will Team OVW beat Team BS? Will Danny Inferno finally get the chance to put Aaron “The Idol” Stevens in his place now that he has Synn to keep an eye on Beth Phoenix? Will the Blonde Bombers find Ken Anderson a safeguard against Chris Cage and the Dudley Boyz? Can Mo’ Green prove his choice of tag-team members to be able to fight off the Thrillseekers? Only one way to find out, and that’s to head out to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom on July 1st for the next event in the Summer Sizzler Series.

Credit: Dale Sherman and OVWrestling.com

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