[WWE] WWE Releases/Ceases Negotiations With 3 More…

WWE.com has posted the following with their releases:

WWE has decided not to proceed with any renegotiations with Bubba and D-Von Dudley. We wish both Bubba and D-Von the best in all future endeavors.

Also, according to Matt Morgan’s site, he too has been released, with this coming from his webmaster:

Just got off the phone with Matt, and he has told me WWE called him just a little while ago and released him from his contract. With the recent 9 releases including Mark Jindrak, Maven, Billy Kidman, Mark Lloyd, Gangrel, Mordecai (Kevin Fertig), Akio, Spike Dudley. Matt making it 10th this is a shocker.

I cant put into words how mad I am at the WWE for doing this.. Matt still wants to keep the site up, and im still going to continue to run it, so I hope you all stick by the site, and remain being visitors. What’s next for Matt? time will tell…

Matt’s final Appearance will be this Thursday on Smackdown”¦if the WWE even chooses to air the segment as planned.

We’ll have more on this as soon as possible.