Stardust Kid Strikes A Chord With Critics

July 6, 2005, Atlanta, GA – Since its release on June 8, The Stardust Kid #1, the new all-ages comic book series from J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Ploog, published by Desperado Publishing, has met with nationwide sellouts at the retail level and critical acclaim from reviewers.

Stardust Kid is an amazing comic book that can be enjoyed by kids, fans of fantasy, and people who enjoy comics as an art form. Quite simply, wow.” – Carl Towns,

The Stardust Kid is fresh and fun, creepy and wondrous in both story and art.” – The Buzzdust Kid, Ain’t it Cool News

The Stardust Kid #1 is an impressive debut issue, a bittersweet coming-of-age fantasy that should easily find an audience among fans of J.K. Rowling and Lewis Carroll as well as readers who felt stung by Abadazad’s untimely end.” – David Howlett,

“…I think that when finished this will be a title to share with many people, for it transcends the medium, and transcends the genre.” – Alexander Ness,

Abadazad fans, rejoice, as the creative team behind that lost and sorely missed series have teamed up once again to present a new comic title that captures the same sort of magic without seeming as though it’s just a retooling of their previous efforts. The Stardust Kid boasts the same kind of charming storytelling and inventive visuals we came to expect from Abadazad, but the theme and focus the story explores are actually much different.” – Don MacPherson, Critiques on Infinite Earths

“Delightfully imaginative, emotional and visually stunning. The Stardust Kid #1 is a strong debut, as strong as Abadazad, but showing more promise.” – Chad Boudreau,

“Haunting story and beautiful art. Stardust Kid is a great comic.” – Rebecca Salek,

“Brilliant. An all-ages book that truly is for readers of all ages.” – Mike Maillaro,

A Dark Force has transformed Cody DiMarco’s urban neighborhood into a deadly, enchanted forest and the only way he can restore it—and the people he loves—is to solve the mystery of the Stardust Kid!

The Stardust Kid #1 is available for reorder by using Diamond Order Number: MAR051683.

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