TNA At Ringside: WWE Just Released Me

Welcome back to ringside everyone. This week I bring you the mid-year report for TNA and give you my take on the released WWE workers. As always we start with…

7/1 Impact! Recap

Hollyric seems to be missing this week so here is a quick recap.

*Sean Waltman defeats Sonjay Dutt: Short match, Waltman continues to get pushed into the match with AJ
*Canada Interview: Petey Williams just says he’s the leader while D’Amore is out
*Lance Hoyt defeats Eric Young: Nothing special, Canada attacks Hoyt after the match until The Naturals make the save
*Monty Brown Interview: He says he should get a world title shot, not Abyss. He and Outlaw will destroy 3LK
*Abyss defeats Sonny Siaki: Decent match with near falls at the end. Raven attacks Abyss afterwards and turns their match at No Surrender into a dog collar match
*America’s Most Wanted defeat Simon Diamond & Trytan: Trytan continues to be a waste and Simon was brought back only to get squashed. Jarrett came out, got on commentary, and the camera focused on him most of the match. He bitched
*Christopher Daniels Interview: Petey interrupts and challenges Daniels for the title at no Surrender. Daniels accepts
*AJ Styles defeats Alex Shelley: Good TV Match. Waltman came out and got in AJs face after the match until Jerry Lynn separated them

WWE Releases Workers

To read the news release click here.

So what do these releases mean for TNA? Some could have a good impact that would only improve a certain division.

*Mark Jindrak: I haven’t seen Jindrak since his WCW days. I love how they make him part of the 11 person trade and then release him less than a week later. That makes a lot of sense. I don’t remember Jindrak enough to really evaluate him and how he would fit into the TNA picture.
-Chances of going to TNA: 45%

*Maven: TNA doesn’t need a guy that can only pull a dropkick. Best match I remember seeing Maven have, was against HHH and that was the most over-booked thing I’ve seen on TV. Maybe WWE should take the following in consideration: Tough Enough is a joke.
-Chances of going to TNA: 25%

*Shannon Moore: Shannon Moore could have a huge impact in the X Division. Not only that but he could re-unite with Jeff and possibly Matt to reform OMEGA. Moore was never really given a shot in WWE because they never cared enough about the cruiser division.
-Chances of going to TNA: 90%

*Akio: Another guy that can shake up the X Division. Akio had awesome matches with Paul London week after week…on Velocity. If WWE was really serious about building a cruiser division, they should have kept this guy.
-Chances of going to TNA: 75%

*Gangrel: ONLY way I can see him going to TNA is if they pair him up with James Mitchell. Those 2 would make for a pretty gothic like pairing. I have never been impressed with Gangrel and he was clearly the weakest member of the Brood (you see how well Edge and Christian have fared compared to Gangrel.)
-Chances of going to TNA: 25%

*Billy Kidman: I’m a bit shocked by this release. We all know that Kidman is married to Torrie Wilson and WWE won’t release Torrie as Vince loves them divas. I figure he would keep Billy around to keep Torrie happy. He hasn’t done much in a long time though. Once again, if they are trying to build a cruiser division why release this guy?
-Chances of going to TNA: 80%

*Spike Dudley: No huge shocker as he hasn’t been on TV since losing the Cruiserweight Title. I don’t know how he will fit in TNA considering he’s not really an X Division guy and he’s too small to be taken serious as a Main Event guy. They can possibly give him a partner and go from there.
-Chances of going to TNA: 35%

*Mordecai: Who? That guy that was supposed to feud with Undertaker until Heidenreich came along? Whatever, TNA better not sign him but I’ll say there’s a slim chance considering anything is possible in the wrestling world.
-Chances of going to TNA: 5%

*Dudley Boyz: I love you WWE. If the Dudleyz don’t sign with TNA it will be the biggest mistake ever for TNA. The Dudleyz would improve the already better than WWE tag division. Plus, TNA and the Dudleyz love gimmick matches, it’s a perfect fit.
-Chances of going to TNA: 95%

*Matt Morgan: Well he got screwed over by Carlito getting drafted. Morgan’s gimmick wasn’t half bad because it was easy to make fun of. He may go to TNA but I hope they don’t go the WWE rout and sign generic big men.
-Chances of going to TNA: 45%

*Charlie Haas: I like Haas and thought he was very good in the ring. He never got that push that Shelton got though. Shelton was beating HHH on Raw while Haas was teaming with Hardcore Holly. I would like to see him in TNA.
-Chances of going to TNA: 60%

*Jackie Gayda: Happy marriage Haas and Gayda as a wedding present, WWE gives you a pink slip. If Haas goes to TNA so will Gayda, that simple.
-Chances of going to TNA: 100% if Haas goes, 0% if Haas doesn’t

*Dawn Marie: Your baby shower present? A pink slip. Who’s the father of this baby anyway? I know she was dating Simon Diamond so maybe it’s him. If it is then I can only see her going to TNA. If they had a falling out then she will stay away from TNA.
-Chances of going to TNA: 0%-100% based on her relationship with Simon Diamond

*Marty Jannetty: Most people thought he had a job after his match with Angle, I guess they were wrong. I can actually see Marty in TNA because they love the old WWE cast-offs. Plus he proved that he can still go in the ring. After he gets out of jail of course.
-Chances of going to TNA: 60%

*Kenzo Suzuki: Again, why trade the guy if you’re only going to release him? I don’t see him fitting in TNA but you never know. He wasn’t doing much since singing on a weekly basis.
-Chances of going to TNA: 35%

*Hiroko: She won’t go to TNA unless Kenzo does. She hasn’t done much since her little spat with Torrie Wilson.
-Chances of going to TNA: 100% if Kenzo goes, 0% if Kenzo doesn’t

*Joy Giovanni: She went away after Amy Weber left the company. If TNA signs the rest of the chicks then I don’t see why they wouldn’t sign her. She’s easy on the eyes.
-Chances of going to TNA: 35%

There will most likely be more cuts from WWE in the coming weeks; I hope they continue to release misused talent. I think TNA will sign at least half of this cut list and maybe more. If TNA were smart than they would sign most of the cut list and create an actual mid-card division. Have a mid-card title named The National Title and make those mid-card matches mean something. Keep ’em coming WWE.

Mid-Year Awards

I’m going on vacation this weekend so instead of writing a decent column, I went with a cop out one. It works out nicely because June just ended and that is the 6th month and all. So here we go.

Wrestler Of The Half Year

1. AJ Styles: The obvious candidate for this award. AJ has won the X Division and World Title so far this year and will most likely win more. He’s been in 2 MOTY candidates and always puts on a good performance. His upcoming match with Waltman should be good if Waltman continues to stay on mark.

2. Christopher Daniels: Daniels has been nothing but impressive this year. He is another guy that you can count on to put on a great match with anyone. He is also great on the mic, which just adds to how good he is. He is the current X Division champion and it doesn’t look like he will be dropping it anytime soon.

3. Raven: Raven is a guy that may be over-looked as a candidate due to his jobbing in the early part of the year. I think that makes him a better candidate because he jobbed to people that he shouldn’t and over came all that to be the current World Champion. He always delivers on the mic and is a good in ring storyteller.

Match Of The Half Year

1. AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin at Final Resolution: This is my personal favorite as MOTY so far. It was a nice spot fest with some good storytelling. All 3 men put their body on the line for the X Division title. AJ came out on top after a gutsy performance.

2. AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels at Against All Odds: The 30 minute Iron Man Match impressed everyone. These guys battled it out and didn’t need to use the crazy spots for put on a good match. The only thing that hurt this match was that it went to overtime; I could have lived without that.

3. AJ Styles vs Abyss at Lockdown: Wouldn’t you know it another AJ Styles match. This was good because AJ had to adapt to Abyss’ big man style. They pulled out the tacks in this one to make it even more hardcore. A surprisingly awesome match to me.

PPV Of The Half Year

1. Slammiversary: Raven wins the World Title, Daniels shows why he’s the best, Samoa Joe debuts, Shelly and Red return, Jimmy Hart is the Naturals higher power, D’Amore gets beat up. What more could you ask for?

2. Lockdown: Every match takes place inside the 6 sides of steel and every match is better than it should have been. Most thought this PPV would flop but it turned out to be very good.

3. Final Resolution: TNA kicked the year off with a bang with this PPV. A very good PPV that featured a lot of very good matches. Only beef with this PPV is that Monty Brown didn’t win the World Title at the end of the night.

Feud Of The Half Year

1. BG James vs. The Outlaw: TNA has a problem in building feuds but this one has started since Outlaw arrived in TNA and still hasn’t ended. They’ve built this feud more and more every PPV. I’m waiting for them to pull the trigger on the BG heel turn but I’m sure they will make us wait.

2. Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy: This one went on for 2 months or so and Hardy actually hit his spots in their matches. The Full Metal Mayhem match was kind of stupid with the whole 2 envelope thing but can’t fault them for trying. Hardy continued to hit his spots in the Falls Count Anywhere match so kudos to him.

3. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles: Another decently built feud by TNA. This also went on for about 2 months and featured 2 good matches. The Iron Man match was awesome minus the overtime ending and the Ultimate X match was good, again minus the ending.

Those are the only categories I feel like getting in to. At the end of the year I’ll do a bunch more.

The Hyatte In Me

Here’s a recent IM conversation with somebody that I have never heard from before. It has nothing to do with wrestling and everything to do with him being an idiot. Enjoy.

Pearl314: Who the f*ck are you
AMPLine4Life: you probably think im IMin you right now, im behind you eyein you with a gun pulled out
Pearl314: Is this RAW IS JERICHO
AMPLine4Life: whos that?
Pearl314: YOUR COOL
AMPLine4Life: people tend to think that
AMPLine4Life: relax guy, i like gay men, gimme an amen, aaaaaa men
Pearl314: now your name is even more gay thats f*ckin gangster
AMPLine4Life: never was a thug just infatuated with guns, never was a gangster until i graduated with one
Pearl314: your not f*ckin eminem you f*ckin sissy punk bitch
AMPLine4Life: thats why they call me slim shady, im back, im back
Pearl314: So are you saying you are gagster
Pearl314: gangster
Pearl314: Can i be your friend your so f*ckin’ cool
AMPLine4Life: i dont rap to get the women, f*ck bitches, id rather have a fat slut, that does dishes
Pearl314: be original come up with your own shit if your say it bitch
Pearl314: How old are you
AMPLine4Life: i say you dont, wanna f*ck with shady, cause why? cause shady, will f*ckin kill you
AMPLine4Life: screw you im 12
Pearl314: are you serious
AMPLine4Life: yup
Pearl314: so are you infatuated with eminem
AMPLine4Life: who?
Pearl314: Slim Shady you funckin’ idiot
Pearl314: Fuckin’
AMPLine4Life: Fat Sunny
Pearl314: You must be 12
AMPLine4Life: screw you im 12
Pearl314: Where are you from seriously
AMPLine4Life: im in Lacey Chabert
Pearl314: Fuckin’ bullshit
Pearl314: What the f*ck is that
AMPLine4Life: shes a mean girl
Pearl314: The f*ckin movie
AMPLine4Life: theres a movie?
Pearl314: no
AMPLine4Life: ok
AMPLine4Life: last movie i saw was Sin City, and i played with myself when Jessica Alba was stripping
Pearl314: I’ll just call you lacey cuz your acting like a bitch
AMPLine4Life: im in Hilary Duff
Pearl314: thats great
AMPLine4Life: shes not quite old enough though, but i aint neva seen a butt like that
Pearl314: Just wanted to tell you both your names are gay
AMPLine4Life: i onle have 1 name
Pearl314: OK you f*ckin idiot
AMPLine4Life: o kay kay kay
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AMPLine4Life: and you call me gay
Pearl314: no only when i make bitchs like you lick it f*ckin queerbate
AMPLine4Life: well you like it when Eminem licks it
AMPLine4Life: why dont you get a girl to do it?
Pearl314: cuz bitch like you need to be exposed
Pearl314: i do
AMPLine4Life: it seems like your getting guys to do it
AMPLine4Life: im only 12
Pearl314: no only eminem cuz he f*cking sucks your dick fag
AMPLine4Life: Jessica Simpson sucks my dick
Pearl314: that oly why spitting eminem shit is because he blows it in your mouth
AMPLine4Life: my dick spits in Jessica Simpsons mouth
Pearl314: then why are you alway takin eminems lines
AMPLine4Life: fine, these boots were made for walkin, and thats just what theyll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you
Pearl314: you really are a faggot
AMPLine4Life: eminem is licking your asshole, jessica simpson is sucking my dick…and im a faggot?
Pearl314: No i was just say hes shit
AMPLine4Life: when he licks your asshole you shit?
Pearl314: But it would suck to find out your idol is a f*ckin homo
AMPLine4Life: how is Jessica Simpson a homo?
Pearl314: No bitch the shit he is spitting
Pearl314: from your ass
AMPLine4Life: i told you, shes on my dick
Pearl314: ok
AMPLine4Life: ok
AMPLine4Life: i guess this convo is over
Pearl314: your life seems to revolve around shit thaat has already been done
Pearl314: Am i right
Pearl314: I know it
AMPLine4Life: if Jessica Simpson sucking my dick has been done, then yes
Pearl314: then what
Pearl314: im not following you
AMPLine4Life: then Jessica Alba will suck my dick
AMPLine4Life: why you tryin to follow me? you know your bitch wanna swallow me
Pearl314: She already sucked someone elses dick
Pearl314: That has to of came fom you cuz that was weak
AMPLine4Life: how much does she charge?
AMPLine4Life: nope, i dont rap, just steal them
Pearl314: I already knew that but it doesn’t sound like eminem
AMPLine4Life: ok
Pearl314: ok
AMPLine4Life: ok
Pearl314: ok
AMPLine4Life: stop copying me
Pearl314: never was
AMPLine4Life: back to your chick, how much does she charge?
Pearl314: sorry she not a whore
AMPLine4Life: you just said she sucked some other guys dick
Pearl314: Jessica Simpson
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Pearl314: Follow the conversation
AMPLine4Life: i am, youre just slow
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Pearl314: She already sucked someone elses dick
AMPLine4Life: see
Pearl314: But she has already sucked some one eles dick
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Pearl314: You are a stupid bitch
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Pearl314: I dont know what the f*ck you talkin about all the time
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Pearl314: You don’t get your sperm back at a sperm bank think about what your saying
Pearl314: Im a slow typer you piece of shit
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Pearl314: Bitch my girlfriend is with me
AMPLine4Life: im 12, you cant be as slow as me
AMPLine4Life: shes at your house?
AMPLine4Life: then why are you wasting your time talking to me?
AMPLine4Life: you should be getting her to suck your dick
AMPLine4Life: no wonder she sucks others off
AMPLine4Life: she comes over to your house and you stay online
Pearl314: Its already been done shes already sucked me dry
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Pearl314: Your life must f*ckin suck if you talk on a f*cking computer all day your probly older than 12 but your just a punk bitch and hide yourself behide your computer too make yourself feel big
AMPLine4Life: and your not doing the same thing?
Pearl314: Im f*cking right again BITCH
AMPLine4Life: your f*cking right again?
AMPLine4Life: of course im 12, why would i lie about my age online?
AMPLine4Life: i would say im older if anything
Pearl314: You won’t even tell me where your from and i told you were i live
AMPLine4Life: no you didnt
Pearl314: bitch
AMPLine4Life: prove you told me where you live
Pearl314: CHEROKEE
AMPLine4Life: thats doesnt prove it, that just tells me you told me right now
AMPLine4Life: and cherokee, that narrows it down
AMPLine4Life: im from youngsville
Pearl314: To f*ckin what i didn’t add you
AMPLine4Life: add me to what?
Pearl314: Where the f*ck is that
AMPLine4Life: where the f*ck is cherokee?
AMPLine4Life: you an indian?
Pearl314: Buddy list
AMPLine4Life: ooo man, im so sad
AMPLine4Life: you didnt add me to your buddy list
Pearl314: Im just wondering who the f*ck you were i seen your gay f*cking name and wanted to tell you how gay it is how the f*ck did you get on it bitch
AMPLine4Life: how did i get on my name?
AMPLine4Life: well i clicked the AIM icon
AMPLine4Life: typed in my password
AMPLine4Life: and clicked sign on
Pearl314: I’m not even going to play lil kid shit thats fucin wack pussy
AMPLine4Life: do you think before you type?
AMPLine4Life: youve been arguing with a 12 year old for like an hour now
AMPLine4Life: and you claim your girlfriend is over
AMPLine4Life: come on, you cant type his slow
AMPLine4Life: i may not spell words correctly but thats because i actually type fast
AMPLine4Life: you type slow and still miss spell words
Pearl314: Quit trying to be somethng your not. Punctuation so the words dont run together on you. That is my advice for a like punk bitck for you.
AMPLine4Life: lmao
AMPLine4Life: thats the first time youve used puncation all night
AMPLine4Life: im not creating run on sentances anyway
Pearl314: Just tring to help aretard out
AMPLine4Life: help yourself first
Pearl314: You were confused a little while ago
AMPLine4Life: because you shit doesnt even make sense
AMPLine4Life: “thats f*ckin wack pussy”
Pearl314: I dont need help i can read
AMPLine4Life: but you cant type
Pearl314: Atleast i can understand what is being said to me
AMPLine4Life: because i make sense
AMPLine4Life: if you were me, you wouldnt know what i was saying to you
Pearl314: Not really
AMPLine4Life: plus, youre probably like 25
AMPLine4Life: you should be able to read better than a 12 year old
Pearl314: Youare a dumb f*ck you are just saing stupid shit now
Pearl314: I can read better just a bad typer
AMPLine4Life: no
AMPLine4Life: a horrible typer
Pearl314: yes
Pearl314: I don’t give a f*ck
AMPLine4Life: and of course you can read better, youre reading what i type
AMPLine4Life: you couldnt read half the shit you type
AMPLine4Life: obviously you do give a f*ck, because you started this whole punctuation stuff
Pearl314: OK some more stupid shit.maybe talk some shit to you later
AMPLine4Life: maybe talk some shit to you later?
Pearl314: peace bitch did you get that
AMPLine4Life: no
AMPLine4Life: you didnt use punctuation
Pearl314: did not thin so

For the record:
*I am an Eminem fan
*I’m not 12
*Jessica Simpson has never sucked me off…that would be nice though
*I have never been in Lacey Chabert or Hilary Duff…would be nice
*I did not masturbate to Jessica Alba while watching Sin City…she’s hott but I’m not Pee Wee Herman
*I don’t live in Youngsville

My point to everyone is this; there are very retarded people on the Internet. You should either ignore them or make fun of them. Normally I ignore them, but this happened at about 3 A.M. on Wednesday and I had nothing better to do.

The E-Mail Bag

Why would Matt go back to the WWE you ask? Uhh…the money maybe. I’m sure TNA will gladly welcome him with open arms if he were to get fired again, so he’d might as well take the money while its hot. Besides, I’d rather be jobbing to HHH than jobbing to Jeff Jarrett any day.

-Joshua Cuthbert

First off…If you’re related to Elisha, hook me up. Matt seems like the type of guy that likes the business over the money so TNA would be a better fit than WWE because at least he will be happy. Plus WWE just cut Shannon Moore, a known Hardy friend. Thanks for the e-mail.

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The C-Cup

*Mid Year Awards: Vote Now

The End

That’s it for this week. I’m going on vacation from this weekend to next weekend so no column or news posts from me next week. I hope everyone is safe in London. Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside.


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