[SD] BWO Reunites at Smackdown!

On Smackdown, the Blue World Order (Stevie Richards, Nova (Simon Dean/Mike Bucci) and The Blue Meanie) reunited to spoof The Cabinet and challenge JBL to a match. PWInsider.com’s Mike Johnson is reporting that WWE contacted Blue Meanie last week to come to SD. He met with Vince and John Laurinaitis before the show, and then alone with Bradshaw, who all assured him there would be no problems. The rumor is that Bradshaw didn’t deny shooting on Meanie at the ECW One Night Stand event, and offered to put it behind them and do business, or fight in the ring, to which Meanie chose the former. Meanie has not signed a deal but should be signing a short-term contract in the near future. He will be on SD next week.

Johnson’s sources say that wrestlers watching the match were wondering if JBL would cause problems in the ring, but he instead protected Meanie well. Meanie is expected to drop threats of a lawsuit.

BWO is being re-formed due to the One Night Stand crowd reaction, and if it doesn’t take off, it will be chalked up as a failed experiment.

Credit: PWInsider.com