[OVW] UPDATE: Cornette Slaps Student, is Released; Lance Storm Finishes Up


UPDATE: WWE.com is now reporting the following:

WWE has reached an agreement on the release of Jim Cornett from his duties in the developmental system OVW.

As we mentioned yesterday, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson and 1Wrestling.com’s Bob Ryder are reporting that at the most recent OVW TV tapings, Jim Cornette slapped a first-year student (non-WWE developmental) backstage as part of a tirade about how he didn’t act scared of the Bogeyman heel character (the guy from Tough Enough 4 who lied about his age, and who in OVW storylines was also kicked off TE for lying about a criminal record) when on camera as part of the audience.

Dave Meltzer on WrestlingObserver.com reported that the man Cornette slapped was Johnny Geo Basco, and a decision has not yet been made on Jim Cornette’s future. Marty “Bogey Man” Wright did a run-in during the show, and Geo Basco, in front of the fans, laughed instead of acting scared, so een though the general feeling of those who were there was that yelling was right, the hitting wasn’t defensible. Cornette was already on thin ice with WWE.

Also, Lance Storm’s last day was this week, and OVW reportedly gave him a nice send-off.

Credit: PWInsider.com, 1Wrestling.com, WrestlingObserver.com, WWE.com

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