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A Correction

Ok, so apparently Law & Order: Trial By Jury was canceled, thus the comment I made last week about watching it next year was completely erroneous. How did I find out about the cancellation? Um, a ridiculing thread in the He Man Woman Hater’s Club AKA the IP Staff Forum, where my contemporaries lampooned my ignorance.

I made a mistake. My bad.

What I Watched Last Week

It’s summertime, which means viewing choices are slim in quantity and quality. Here are the few shows that I make time for.

Entourage – Thus far the season has really been helped by having an actual storyline. As much as I hate the mockery of comic books in general (and Aquaman specifically) the show has surpassed “watchable” and become actually “enjoyable.” This is due in no small part to Jeremy Piven as Ari. He’s the star of the show. He’s got the best lines.

I do hope that Bob Saget actually become part of the Entourage. I think that his addition to the cast would make the show that much more entertaining. I’d be just like Entourage with a pinch of The Surreal Life. Who’s in?

The Comeback – AKA “the show I watch A) because I’m too lazy to change the channel and B) because the Black girl is a bit on the hot side.

It’s never a good sign when the most likeable characters; Paulie G. and James Burrows are complete #$%holes to the main character. The show is awkward, but not in a good way.

Intervention – Dopest show ever. In every sense. This show is almost like a karmic balancing for Cops and the nightly news where Blacks are highlighted on a regular basis. Love it!

It does get frustrating at times. Candy annoys the hell out me. She’s the most emotional and weakest person on the show. Jeff, on the other hand is so overpowering and forceful he’s mesmerizing. In terms of the addicts Kelly, the modern day hobo, and Tommy, who spends his nights on pool furniture are my faves. Great show.

Stella – I usually don’t follow Comedy Central shows because of erratic programming, but I’m doing my best to keep up on this one. It’s comedy, for people who “get” comedy. And it’s pure genius. It’s the funniest show out.

Rescue Me – Soak1313 will be happy that I finally began watching the show. It’s very well written and well acted. But I don’t really care for Denis Leary, as a person. I don’t appreciate his shtick. However my dislike for him is overruled by my love for Tobias Beecher and Ryan O’reily, who both appear(ed) on the show. I’m hooked.

Greatest Show Ever…this week – Six Feet Under

I caught up with Joe Reid on AIM and we discussed our mutual love for this program. He brought up a great point; the writers aren’t afraid to make the characters unlikeable. This point was really hit home when discussing the show with a co-worker she remarked that she didn’t like Claire. I wanted to tell her that I didn’t either, and I liked not liking her.

This is the greatest show for two reasons, last week’s episode featuring Nate’s birthday party and Jeremy Sisto’s portrayal of Billy Chenowith. I’ve not been this taken with a character since Al Swearengen on Deadwood. Since last season was my first season “under” I barely met Billy, but this season Billy has blown me away. He makes me feel for him and hate Claire all the more. And that’s why this is the best show ever.

DVDs Please!

So I was talking to my best friend last week and we were ruminating about DVD Boxed Sets of shows that need to be released. I mean in a day and age when the first season 227 is available on DVD there’s no excuse for hold these out.

Small Wonder – Who wouldn’t love to own this syndicated series about a family that just happens to include a robotic girl? A ten year old robotic girl! If that’s not enough to sell you on the concept how about if I throw in nosey neighbor? Will that seal the deal? Well what if I tell you that Vickie’s 100% human brother Jamie, is also 100% lamewad? It’s just like Stealth in a domestic household suburban setting. The show is comedy gold and needs to be released.

Ed – I love Ed. I’m appalled it’s not on DVD. I’d love nothing more than to have the opportunity to visit Stuckeyville whenever I wanted. But alas, it’s not meant to be. Yet.

Lucky – My roommate really loved this show for some reason. I thought it was it’s high points (most notably the use of Badly Drawn Boy in the episode recounting what happened to Lucky’s wife.) But c’mon, if Cedric the Entertainer Presents is out on DVD, this show with an equally short run deserves to be there as well.

The State – I doubt that many people remember this show, when it was on MTV, but it was back when A) MTV had more music than original programming and B) when that programming was actually worth watching. I’m not even going to explain what The State gave birth to, regardless it’s legacy lives on to this day. This show should be available for the masses.

Sesame Street Maybe I’m trying to recapture my youth, but I really want to be able to watch Sesame Street without feeling super old. It may sound odd, but I can’t relate to any of the muppets on the show now. And that’s why I need this series out on DVD.

Now I’m not old enough to remember orange Oscar, but I would use a little Harvey Kneeslapper. If you don’t know what “ala peanut butter sandwiches” means, just jump down to the next show. Don Music deserves to be applauded as the musical genius he was. And what about Biff & Sully, where did they run off too? What about that brother, Roosevelt Franklin? I just want a glimpse of my childhood, that’s all.

The Fall Guy – I didn’t actually watch this show, but I’m quite enamored with it’s theme song. I also dig the concept of stuntman who saves the day, week in and week out. I think that everyone could learn a thing or two from this series.

Meego – I’m just putting this on one because I know no one else will give it love. How could you hate a show with Bronson Pinchot as an alien and the kid from Jerry Maguire as an adorable kid?

Hawaii Five O – Never let it be said that I only speak out for Black folks. This show was and is about the only place where you can see Samoans and Hawaiians on a regular basis. Plus people need to recognize that long before Tom Selleck’s “Magnum” came to the island, Jack Lord had the place on lock.

Police Story – This was a dope anthology about cops in the 70’s. SWAT is huge, but why isn’t this 70’s relic as huge? Where is the justice? Did I mention the kick ass theme song?

Kolchak the Night Stalker – Since ABC is remaking the show for the fall season, I think it would be appropriate to give people a refresher course on the concept via a DVD release. And considering that X-Files fans would probably snap this show up as well, it makes financial sense.

WKRP In Cincinnati I’m not picky. This show had two incarnations, the original and the “new” 90’s version. Give me one, the original or the new one. Just give me some radio station antics set in Cincinnati.

Barnaby Jones – This guy was like my second favorite P.I. after James Rockfishford. I can’t explain it. Maybe it was because I was so young that the idea of a 70 year old Private Investigator wasn’t entirely implausible. Or maybe it’s because it came on after my nap in the summer, so I wasn’t quite awake yet. Regardless I want some Buddy Ebsen P.I. action.

Midnight Caller – I think I remember liking this show. Gary Cole played a talk radio D.J. who saved the day. He always got caught up some strange situation, which usually involved him butting heads with the police. I liked the show for some reason, and if it was out on DVD I could finally find out why.

Fish – I’ve only actually seen the pilot, once, on TVLand. It’s Abe Vigoda as a foster parent, how much funnier can you get? And if you don’t want more Abe Vigoda in your life I, quite frankly, question your humanity.

It’s Garry Shandling Show – Garry is from Tucson, I’m from Tucson. Us T-Loc’s gotta stick together. But besides that this show was funny.

Duet – Another show from FOX’s formative years. I remember trying to watch this show, but realizing that it was just over my head. I might have appreciated like 40% of it. I’d really like to get that other 60% now, but I don’t have the opportunity.

American Gothic – Another Gary Cole show? Yeah, this show was creepy. I only saw a few episodes, but I liked what I saw. Clearly it didn’t catch on (the show was canceled) but I still feel like I missed out. Release the DVD so I can find out what I missed, dammit.

MTV Promos – Ok so this isn’t an actual “show” but I’d still like to see a DVD set with all of the old MTV promos. As much as I don’t dig Denis Leary, he can be included. I’m really just looking for my introduction to Donal Logue, via Jimmy the Cab Driver. I’d actually watch MTV, ignore the videos and pay attention when he was on the screen. I Want My MTV (Promos)!

That’s it for now, but I’m sure I’ll revisit this topic in the future. And should you wish to share your “most wanted DVD sets” I’ll happily include your feedback in the next edition of Remote Destination.

Novice Heroes

Last week I posed the following scenario;

Good News; you’ve got super powers. Bad News; you don’t quite have a handle on them. Maybe you got hit by a strange ray. Or maybe you found a suit that gives you powers. Either way you’ve got them. Good News; there aren’t really any major menaces to threaten your life. Bad News; you a TV super hero.

So would you rather be Andrew Clements (My Secret Identity) or Ralph Hinkley (The Greatest American Hero)?

Michaelangelo responded immediately.

No contest. The Greatest American Hero, of course! With quite possibly the single greatest theme song ever for a TV show, how could you go wrong? Plus, I don’t remember My Secret Identity.

Fortunately Colin disagreed, completely;

You mean I can be the fat kid from Stand By Me? Say word! That, and I don’t know The Greatest American Hero. And I’m Canadian, and Jerry O’Connell used to rep the T Dot.

It’s a shame that both replies were pretty much dictated by ignorance about shows.

As for my choice, I’m going to go with The Greatest American Hero. Sure, I’d be working with the government, but I wouldn’t be flying aided by spray cans, and I’d have a costume. What self-respecting hero doesn’t have a costume?

But of course that leads us to…

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good News; you are surrounded by people similar to yourself. Maybe it’s people who look like you. Maybe it’s people who have a similar background. The point it you’re all similar in some regard. Bad News; there’s a dress code. Good News; it’s not a uniform. Bad News; some guys walk around topless and wear funny hats. Good News; you don’t have to worry about food or shelter. Bad News; there aren’t too many women around. Good News; There is a social hierarchy. Bad News; there’s not too much privacy. Good News; tattoos are available. Bad News; you’ve got to fend for your life.

So there you have it; would you rather be a Smurf or an inmate in Oz?


Kevin gives you the rundown on washed up musicians.

Matthew give you a blow by blow account of Nate’s birthday party.

Matt digs the new Batman cartoon.


(J) – Joe cover the prospect of a Jeffersons movie, but doesn’t explain why, if The Honeymooners were Black, The Jeffersons aren’t white. I smell reverse racism.

Ok, you caught me. There’s no such thing as “reverse racism.” Anyway, Joe’s Blog should adopt the official motto of “where Mathan gets his news.” Not only is it newsworthy, but it’s more funny that Small Wonder.

(A) – Aaron’s still not up yet. But if you’re fiending for your weekly Lil’ Kim jab and Oz reference (in musical form) read this it’s a twofer. As for his lack of column; can’t you read between the lines? He wants nothing to do with you!

(M) – Is for me.

Greatest Video Ever…this week

R. Kelly – Trapped in the Closet

Finally this decade has it’s epic masterpiece video. The 80’s had Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The 90’s had Guns N Roses’ November Rain (and the two other ones). But this five part story blows them all out of the water. It deals with homosexuality, infidelity and, well that’s about it, but it’s only five chapters in.

I think that just like Michael Jackson and Guns N Roses, R. Kelly is going to go on to accomplish great things, staying focused and remain at the top of his field for many year to come. And really, what’s to stop him from following their lead to greatness?