[TNA] Hardy, Rhyno on PPV this Sunday?


On last week’s “Get in the Ring” radio show, Rhyno announced that he will be debuting for TNA on Sunday’s PPV.

Also, in one of his recent “cryptic” messages on THEMattHardy.com, Matt Hardy hinted that he will debut then as well, and that he was looking forward to taking some time to ruffle some feathers and wrestle in various promotions before getting back into “the system.” He also mentioned that before he signs a long-term deal, he wants to ensure he can keep his Web site and upcoming reality show.

Matt’s latest post, where he counts down the days to his “independence,” and discussed Shannon Moore’s release, was reported on InsidePulse.com last week. He has since updated it here (read below for the most recent update):

Three days left…

I’m gonna walk you guys through, day to day. I’m unbelievably excited about my future, I hope you guys are as well. I wanted to respond to some of the feedback that I received (from angelicdiablo@earthlink.net) from my post yesterday. I am at point in my life where I’ve decided I’m not going to bow down for anyone anymore. Why? Because I don’t have to. Fortunately, and I do thank Vince McMahon for this–I’ve been able to make a good and stable life for myself. I don’t have to put up with the headaches anymore if I don’t want to. I know after the last three months I will be just fine working for various wrestling promotions across the world. And as most of you know, it may not be too long before there’s another wrestling promotion with some major TV time, The Nice Alternative to the WWE. The main thing I want in my life now is freedom–freedom to say what I want, freedom to think like I want, freedom to dress like I want, and freedom of creative control. Another big factor for Matt Hardy is THE MATT HARDY SHOW–I’ve already invested so much time into this project, and I’m not willing to give it up. It shouldn’t take an ACE to figure that out. By the way, THEMATTHARDYSHOW.COM should be up and running next week–it’s going to be tremendously fun and entertaining. I also refuse to give up my website–my direct line of communication between myself and the wrestling fans. Besides, you guys know how much of a mark I am for posting cryptic messages that make people think. Anyway, my point is that I’m not going to make any rash, spur of the moment decisions about my future. I’m in no hurry to make a long term commitment unless I know it is the absolute right thing for me. I’m gonna ruffle some feathers and make some waves before I reenter the system. Like I’ve said before–sometimes you have to fight the power to become the power. Damnit guys, I need a VACATION!

To the people who either loved or hated the fact I called Amy a whore–here’s the deal. I had attempted to be social with her, but it seems that our private conversations were spread to a certain person that I absolutely hate. His name starts with an F, ends with an S, and has a ECE in the middle. I found this out by speaking with the wife of this person I hate. So since Amy wanted to stooge off our private conversations with the enemy, I thought I’d one-up her–I’ll share the info with the world. Besides, that’s kinda my gimmick now–my life is an open book, and I’m not afraid to call people out on the sh*t publicly. For almost six years, I was incredibly good to Amy, helped her immensely in her career, and wanted to have a family with her. Everyone knows how much she appreciated my devotion as evident by her lack of honesty and loyalty. So, if you were in my shoes, and the love of your life had an affair that personally and professionally screwed you over–wouldn’t you think only calling her a whore is being pretty generous? Anyway, the moral of the story is don’t screw over anyone who is being good to you. If anything, be a man (or woman) and do the right thing, be truthful and honest about whatever your situation is and you’ll be much better off in the long run.

The Matt and Jeff Hardy Ultimate Insiders DVD is going to be available in the next week or so from what I understand. I viewed the commercial for the DVD last night for the first time, and it’s definitely got me pumped to see the finished product. THE MATT HARDY SHOW is also scheduled to start next week, and I guarantee if you’re a Matt Hardy fan you will love it. The show will be available via streaming video at THEMATTHARDYSHOW.COM. It is possibly the most exciting time ever in my life right now, and it all starts to unfold in three days.

Two days left…

I hope everyone has had a very productive and enjoyable Saturday, I certainly have. It’s definitely a change of pace from my WWE days now that I have to stay on top of so many things. As you all know, I have bookings across the world over the course of the next six months. It’s a job in itself to deal with promoters on terms and schedules, while trying to map your long-term calendar out. It seems like I spend 75% of my day returning business phone calls and e-mails. Today I actually had all my calls and e-mails caught up by 1 p.m., allowing me a little free time to have sushi with some of my boys. I also made a stop by PetSmart and bought a ton of treats for my son Lucas. I had an intense training session this evening, including a hard hour of cardio (while watching some of the ROH product). I took the time this evening to personally respond to over 600 e-mails at my fan address, angelicdiablo@earthlink.net. You won’t find alot of professional wrestlers that are willing to go to that length for their fans, but Matt Hardy is all about the MFers. I then proceeded to fulfill my obligation of counting everyone down to July 11th, THE MATT HARDY INDEPENDENCE DAY–I personally can’t wait for the fireworks! I can say and do what I like, with no repercussions, no losing out on money, and with no chance of being in contractual breach. I got my last WWE paycheck today, so I don’t have anything to lose. As much as I enjoyed my WWE tenure, and appreciated the company providing me with a nice living, I was so utterly disappointed with the WWE’s handling of my “situation”. I wish the WWE the best of luck in their future endeavors (that’s the standard company line on WWE.com when they release someone–sorry, my sarcasm is at an all-time high these days). The business just hasn’t been the same since the WWE bought WCW and absorbed ECW, and it’s a crying shame. The business, and especially the wrestlers, need competition–so there are more places to work and more security for the boys.

Question of the day–How many times do you think my FCF, Feces, will be married before he is forty? My guess is 11. At the pace he’s going, he’s right on track. Be careful if you run into him with your girl present, because he falls in the most incredible love of all time every 10 minutes or so. And then he falls out of the most incredible love of all time every two to three months. Don’t believe me me–just ask one of his former ex-wives or my FGF. You would think that with all the money he’s made, that he could afford to get some psychological help with his constant falling in love problem. Oh wait, he doesn’t have any money because he’s had to fork it over to all his ex-wives, I forgot. Be very wary of what that liar “claims”, whether it’s he’s sorry or that he speaks to me–because he has no remorse for what he’s done to me. Actions speak louder than words, and that says it all. I remember calling him every week when he was out with his broken neck, asking him if there was ANYTHING I could do for him. I remember going to the North Pole and meeting Santa with him and sharing an incredible experience. I remember drinking my first beer with him, Jeff, and Jay. I remember taking him out in South Africa to cheer him up because he was so depressed that he had to have major neck surgery. I remember Amy and I celebrating his 30th birthday with him and his first wife at Busch Gardens in Tampa. I remember Amy and I attending his second marriage with Lisa. But more than anything else, I remember that he is scum and destroyed my relationship with Amy and cost me the job I’d worked my entire life for. What goes around comes around, I truly believe that with all my heart. And if the WWE talent relations department has a problem with me slandering one of their “top” stars, I guess you can just fire me or stop paying me or tell me that creative doesn’t have anything for me. Oh yeah, you already did–oh well, they love me in Orlando.

Some people seem to think I’ve lost my mind. Well, for the record, I haven’t. I have actually found my mind and have taken all limitations and boundaries off of it. Freedom of speech and thought is legal, you know. They can’t control me in Stamford any longer. I won’t let anyone control me in Orlando either. And somebody had better e-mail Gabe, and tell him I’ll also be in control when I walk into ROH Saturday in Woodbridge. The only people that can control me are my friends and fans that have been there through the thick and thin–I believe in them because I know they believe in me. Everyone have a nice Saturday evening, I’m on my way out to eat and drink with Aaron D. And I’m very thirsty tonight…you feel me? Until tomorrow…

One day left…

Greetings everyone! I figured since there was only one magical day left, today’s state of the Movement would be via video. Currently, Jim was experiencing technical difficulties with distributing the video. Tomorrow the video should be up and running, so check back when you can. I want all of you to spread the gospel of Mattitude and post this link everywhere you can. It’s an exciting time–the sand has almost run out of the hourglass. Thanks for being on my team and for always having my back…

July 11th, 2005

Today is the day!

Matt Hardy
The Angelic Diablo

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.