InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 7.11.05


First, I want to think Widro for covering for me last week. I did however manage to catch the ending of RAW and was really shocked. I’m probably the only guy on the staff who doesn’t read spoilers, so if it was out there, I wasn’t aware. Plus, I’m not one to sit around and think of all the possibilities of what may happen every week. Anyway, on to RAW.

Video package of the HBK/Hogan reign and Sweet Chin Music.

LIVE from the Continental Airlines Arena
Hosts are Jerry Lawler, Johnathan Coachman, and Jim Ross

Carlito comes out to open the show with his Cabana, and doesn’t get a bad reaction. Since he had Hogan on the Cabana last week, this week, Carlito has Shawn Michaels. Y2J comes out instead though. Carlito says that he’s flattered, and hands Y2J an apple. Jericho isn’t here to watch however, as he’s here to get the point that his segment was better last week, and in fact says that HE has Shawn Michaels on the Highlight Reel. Chris calls for the Jeritron 5000 to be lowered and calls out HBK. Carlito, however, will not have this, and goes on to insult Jericho, even saying that he’s fat. Well that’s a huge stretch. Y2J retaliates by calling Carlito Sideshow Bob, and ensures him that Michaels will want to be on his show. More good insulting follows from Jericho, and he finally introduces Shawn Michaels, but gets…”Rowdy” Roddy Piper! Roddy sets the record straight by reinforming them that the Pit is the original, and will make a return tonight to interview HBK!

Commercial break.

Video package of the Japanese tour.

Chris Masters(11-0) vs. Tajiri(0-2)
Masters throws him around some, but Tajiri retaliates with the kicks, and goes to the legs. Springboard heel kick sends Masters out. Back in, spinnning heel kick gets 2 for Tajiri. Springboard elbow gets 2. Tajiri counters a power move witha sunset flip for 2. Kick to the face gets…2! That was deadly. Tajiri looks for the Tarantula, but Masters powers out. The Master Lock gets hooked on and that’s all she wrote.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Edge and Lita are snuggling up watching their wedding video, when Snitsky comes in. Apparently, Gene has an obsession with feet. HA! Edge agrees to let Snitsky have some fun with Lita’s, as long as he takes care of Kane.

Meanwhile, JR discusses the Hell in a Cell match from Vengeance, and they show footage of HHH leaving the match all bloodied up. They don’t have an update on him, but JR thinks he will return a different man. Hmmmm.

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Carlito(c)(5-1) vs. Shelton Benjamin(6-5) – Intercontinental Championship match
Why is Shelton getting a 2nd rematch? Shelton knocks him down, and gets a vertical suplex for 2. Dropkick gets 2. Inside cradle for 2. Benjamin gets a baseball slide as we go to a:

Commercial break.

We return with Carlito in control. Carlito works over Shelton some on the outside, and gets 2 back in. A few elbows get 2. Carlito works him over some more with the ropes for 2. Shelton counters what looks to be a powerslam into a crossbody for 2. Backslide gets 2. Inside cradle gets 2. Carlito comes back with a kick to the gut and a DDT for 2. Shelton reverses a vertical suplex into a modified neckbreaker for 2. Carlito goes for a vertical suplex, but Benjamin counters with a modified neckbreaker! Carlito reverses a roll-up, and gets a handful of tights for 2. Carlito sets Shelton up on the turnbuckle and gets a superplex for 2. Carlito goes out to gets his belt, but the ref takes care of it. Benjamin comes back with a somoan drop, and the two fight on the apron, with Carlito on the outside. They trade suplex attempts, but Benjamin finally gets a hit with a dragon whip. Both are down, but Carlito stays outside, forcing the ref to count 10.

Backstage, Cena and Bischoff look to be arguing.

Commercial break.

Cena comes out to the ring to a huge pop. Cena admits he’s having a bad day, as Eric Bishcoff is up his ass. Ooh. Plus, he’s got Y2J saying that he beat him down last week, when in fact he didn’t. Cena calls Y2J out, since he wants the title so bad, but gets Eric Bischoff instead. The crowd chants “asshole”, but it doesn’t bother Bischoff. Cena doesn’t defend the title whenever he wants to, but when Eric wants him to. John doesn’t appreciate the tone, and tells Eric off. Y2J finally comes out, but Eric doesn’t want any fighting tonight. In fact, he makes a match pretty far in advance, it being Y2J vs Cena for the WWE Championship at Summerslam. Jericho says the only thing that is cheap around here is the Championship, since John’s holding it and everything. Jericho rants on about what all he’s going to do in media, but Cena says it’s not about that. John asks Y2J to settle it in the ring once again, but Jericho refuses. Y2J exits, leaving Bishcoff to get FUed.

Commercial break.

Diva Search time, as it’s a talent show tonight. But first, somebody must go, and it is Alexis. On to the competition, where Ashley shows us her wrestling moves on Christy, Leyla gives a low blow to Earl Hebner (HA!), Summer does some backflips/splits, Krystal pours paint on herself, Elizabeth does a dance, Simona does something with a sword (drawing boos), and Cameron gives Christy a chair dance. Well, Christy looked good.

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Angle Invitational
Angle has now opened the call out to RAW members as well. He gets a dude named Matt Martel(sp?) whose from New York. And is apparently an ex-teacher who got fired for lying about being sick and wrestling. JR actually defends this guy. He’s a LIAR! Anyways, Angle lets him get a second shot, as he also wrestled him in Phili. Kurt manhandles him, and hits a back suplex. Striker or whatever the hell his name is starts to come back, but Angle lays him down. Kurt goes for the Ankle Lock, but Striker pushes him off. Angle Slam is countered, and Striker gets a lowblow at 11 seconds! We’re down to a few seconds when Kurt snaps on the Ankle Lock, causing the dude to instantly tap.

Backstage, Todd wants Kane’s thoughts on facing Edge, to which he laughs. Okay.

Meanwhile, Edge and Lita are walking when a Matt Hardy look-a-like jumps them and runs off. Yeah, sure.

Commercial break.

Edge(6-3) vs. Kane(5-1)
Edge gets some right hands, but Kane comes back with a boot. Edge gets a reverse elbow, and causes Kane to gets his boot tied up. Edge works him over some on the outside, and sends him back in. Edge goes up, but Kane gets a right hand. Kane catches Edge with a sidewalk slam and goes up for a top rope clothesline. Kane then deals with Lita, but Snitsky interrupts for the DQ. The two big men fight through the crowd, when Matt Hardy ambushes Edge! Holy shit, it’s really him! If that’s a look-a-like, he should win an oscar. Though he does look a bit bulkier. Anyways, the cops cuff him up and take him to the back.

Commercial break.

Another video package of the HBK/Hogan situation.

Piper’s Pit is BACK, carpet and all. Roddy doesn’t waste anytime, and gets right to Shawn Michaels. Wow, boos outside of Canada or Wrestlemania. Piper questions HBK’s actions, and Shawn responds by gloating. Michaels says that all he’s doing is making the fans’ wishes come true, as they chanted “one more match”, it’s just that Shawn wanted to make sure it was against him. So, Shawn lays down the challenge of HBK vs Hogan at Summerslam, and says he will prove mortality/immortality has a price. Piper isn’t happy with the answer, as he never answered the question straight on. Shawn walks away, but Piper gives us the real answer, which is Shawn Michaels is a coward. Sweet Chin Music puts an end to Piper, and Shawn walks off as we fade away.


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