[WWE] Recently IWC-Friendly WWE.com No-Sells Hardy Appearance

WWE.com has posted its official RAW Recap for the July 11 episode, with absolutely NO MENTION of Matt Hardy’s run-in on the Edge match.

This goes counter to WWE.com’s recent format of posting “real news” but is consistent with the look and feel of last night’s show, where despite Matt Hardy attacking Edge backstage and then running into the ring after the Edge/Kane match, announcers Jim Ross, Lawler and Coach were silent rather than mentioning Hardy by name.

Below is an excerpt from the RAW Recap on WWE.com, and includes the only mention of the Edge/Kane match:

In another re-match from Vengeance, Edge took on Kane. Before the match, Edge promised that if Snitsky would help him in his battle against Kane, then he would let him have some time with Lita’s feet to satisfy his foot-fetish. Snitsky made good on his word and came to the aid of Edge as Kane was gaining control and caused a disqualification.

We have previously reported that Matt Hardy’s appearance on RAW was planned, but WWE and WWE.com sure wants to instill doubt in our minds, and seem to be doing a great job. More on this as it develops.