Nate Stein Indy Report (Recent News/Results) & 7/14-20 Shows

Shin’ya Hashimoto Passes Away
New Age Wrestling Alliance Pro Wrestling School
Alan Wojcik Interviews Erick Stevens
7/8 – PCW – Arlington, TX
XCW – Denton, TX
7/9 – GCW – Columbus, GA
EWF – Marion, IN
WCEW – Hamlet, NC
ACW – Marshall, TX
PCW – Arlington, TX
CWF – Burlington, NC
NWA PWX – McKeesport, PA
NMW – Springfield, IL
7/10 – BCW/PTW – Belleville, MI
7/11 – NAWA – Buna, TX
THURS SHOWS – 7/14: PWR – Erie, PA
FRI SHOWS – 7/15:
BB4 – Buffalo, NY
AWA NJ – Union City, NJ
MAW – Milwaukee, WI
SWF – Tullahoma, TN
SAT SHOWS – 7/16:
JAPW – Rahway, NJ
ECWA – Newark, DE
CZW/MPA – Philadelphia, PA
EWF – Marion, IN
ACW – Charlotte, NC
NGW – Peoria, IL
TMW – Knoxville, TN
AWA SCW – Madison, IN
HCW – Smyrna, DE
SUN SHOWS – 7/17:
MAW – Milwaukee, WI
PWU – Trenton, NS
WED SHOWS – 7/20:
UPW – Santa Ana, CA
PWU – Halifax, NS
CCW – Evansville, IN

Shin’ya Hashimoto Passes Away

Former NWA World champion & three time IWPG champion Shin’ya Hashimoto passed away from an apparent brain aneurysm at the age of 40.

New Age Wrestling Alliance Pro Wrestling School

Visit the NAWA website for more information on the newly reopened school, with trainers The Overboyz, Joey Corman, & Damian Logan.

Alan Wojcik Interviews Erick Stevens

In this interview from just after the 2005 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Wojcik interviews one of the rising stars of the southeast independents, Erick Stevens.

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 7/8 – Arlington, TX

*Marvin def. Cervante, Andrew Dalton, & “Jiggle-O” James Johnson
*Dave Dunnings def. Luke Bronson
*Joey Corman def. Eagle by submission w/ a Texas Cloverleaf
*PCW Uncut Title Contender Match: Kevin Paine vs. Chris Richter went to a no contest

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 7/8 – Denton, TX

*Brett Barnes def. Bull w/ Lance Romance/Nicole
*Manny Fernandez vs. Spudz McKenzie went to a no contest
*XCW Tag Titles Match: champions Sidd Murder/Gemini vs. The Brown Brothers went to a no contest
*Jack Drastic def. Kit Carson

Georgia Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 7/9 – Columbus, GA

*Disco Inferno vs. Jason Cross went to a draw
*AJ Steele def. The V
*Ricky Morton def. Bobby Eaton
*Damien Steele def. Jason Cross & Disco Inferno
*Chris Stevens/David Young def. Kid Kash/Cassidy Riley
*Erik Watts def. Abyss

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 7/9 – Marion, IN

*Fabuzio def. Steve Amani by DQ
*Matt Shock def. Hypnosis by submission
*Osyris def. “The Rage” David Payne by submission
*Chip Daley/Frank Stein def. Drunk & Disorderly
*Fallen Dragon def. Wildman Rogers
*EWF Tag Titles Match: champions New Jack Hustlas def. “Enormous” Evan Alexander/Bam Morgan
*Jack Thriller def. Unr8ted & The SiKness
*EWF Midwestern Title Match: champion C.P. def. Hank Calhoun
*”Indy Kid” Jay West/Anarchy def. Noah Lott/Chance Laredo

World Class Extreme Wrestling results
Sat, 7/9 – Hamlet, NC

*Tito Rain def. The Masked Xtreme
*Ali Steele def. Marc Ash
*Slick def. Steve Michaels
*Tyrone Knox def. Randy B. Studdly
*East Coast Bodily Harm vs. Aaron Devil/Tazz Jackson went to a double DQ
*Robert Sheryl def. Justin Feeche
*DJ P-Roc def. Tito Rain

American Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 7/9 – Marshall, TX

*Jason Skyy def. Andrew Dalton
*JT Lomatta def. sean Cordova
*Khan def. Joey Corman
*Tony Fantana def. Mongoose
*Damian Logan def. Gemini

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 7/9 – Arlington, TX

*”Jiggle-O” James Johnson def. Rick Murdoch
*Jeremy Young def. Alex Porteau
*PCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Robert Evans retained against Travis Baxter
*PCW Cruiserweight Title, Contender Match: Canyon, Mike Foxx, Mace Malone & Shadow (Lance Hoyt) went to a no contest
*PCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Steve DeMarco, Jerry Brown & B.J. Turner went to a no contest
*Steve DeMarco/B.J. Turner def. The Brown Boys

Carolina Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 7/9 – Burlington, NC

2005 Johnny Weaver Invitational Tournament:
*AWA Mid-Atlantic TV Title Match: champion Jesse Ortega retained against John Korman by pin
*Sean Powers pinned Jay Sinn w/ Gregory Vercetti
*Brass Munkey w/ GeeStar pinned Alex Adonis w/ Donnie Dollars) by pinfall in first round Johnny Weaver Invitational Tournament action (8:51)
*”A Very Handsome Man” Mitch Conner pinned Joey Silvia
*Garry “Madd Trucker” Stevens def. American Steel Ninja

*RGL champion Kid Justice/”Krazy K” Kirby Mack def. Xsiris/Ultra Dragon
*AWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight champion “Slick Diddy” Ric Converse def. Gregory Vercetti w/ Jay Sinn/Alex Adonis/Donnie Dollars in a non-title match
*”Dangerous E” Corey Edsel/”Box Office Draw” Mikael Yamaha/Donnie Dollars w/ Brad Stutts def. the AWA Mid-Atlantic Tag champions The $outh$ide Playas (J-Money/Will B. Smooth w/ Kiyia Moka)/Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride

NWA Pro Wrestling Xpress results
Sat, 7/9 – McKeesport, PA

*Quinn Magnum def. Kid Cupid by pin
*Nikita Allanov/Bigg def. Dash Bennett/Sean Dahmer
*NWA PWX Tag Titles Match: champions Da Munchies retained over Dan Miles/Jason Cage & The Tri Chi Fraternity
*NWA PWX Three Rivers Titles Match: champion Chris Taylor retained over Justin Idol by DQ
*NWA PWX Heavyweight Title Match: Scottie Gash def. Devin Devine by submission
*Summer Scorcher Fans Bring the Weapons Rumble: Eric Extasy

New Midwest Wrestling results
Sat, 7/9 – Springfield, IL

Alexis Homeier Memorial Tournament, Third Round:
*Rip Mystic pinned the Spotlight
*Prime Time Playa pinned Justin MacIntyre

*Eric Logan/Matt Boston/Eagle Scout def. Benz/LPC/Eric Ruffington
*NMW Central IL Title Match: champion Michael Shard def. Tricky Dick Moore by submission
*Reverend Guy Smith pinned Rian Cruz in a Man vs. Woman match
*NMW Tag Titles Match: champions The Dean’s List (Billy Morgan/NMW Rampage champion Sage Ramsey) def. Maximum Impact (Hardcore KC/NMW Heavyweight champion Shane Matthews)

*AHMT Final Round: Rip Mystic pinned Prime Time Playa

Border City Wrestling/Prime Time Wrestling results
Sun, 7/10 – Belleville, MI

*Jon Bolen pinned Johnny Bravo
*Bobby Roode w/ Johnny Devine def. Scotty Sabre
*”Big” Joe Doering/Jaime D def. Gutter/CJ Otis
*Monty Brown pinned Eddie Venom
*2/3 Falls: Alex Shelley def. Red
*Matt Duvall def. Conrad Kennedy III
*BCW Tag Titles Match: champions N8 Mattson/Danny Daniels retained over Phil Atlas/Jimmy Jacobs
*BCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Mr. Class” A-1 w/ “Kingpin” Dave Martin retained against Sabu
*Dog Collar Match: Raven def. Abyss

NAWA results
Mon, 7/11 – Buna, TX

*Joey Titan def. Spoiler 2000
*Khan/Sean Cordova/”Rocket” Ricky Roberts def. Andrew Dalton/Brown Brothers
*Jason Skyy def. Bash
*Samir def. Mongoose
*Gemini def. Joey Corman/Damian Logan by DQ
*NAWA Heavyweight Title Match: Buck Robley def. champion Robert Evans by DQ after The Overboyz interfered

Pro Wrestling Rampage
Thurs, 7/14
State Street Tavern, 1013 State ST, Erie, PA

*Steel Cage Match: “Erie Freeze Parking lot Champion” J-Rocc vs. “Fabulous” John McChesney
*Also featuring “Ravage”Ryan Miller, Rampage tag champions Real Smooth, Wicked, Omega, Zack Practor Jr., Dorian Rhodes, & Mikey Showtime

Ballpark Brawl IV presents “Friday Night Smash”
Fri, 7/15 – 7 pm
Dunn Tire Park, Buffalo, NY

Featuring Terry Funk, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels, Backseat Men (Trent Acid/Johnny Kashmere), Teddy Hart, Cody Steel, Jay Lethal John McChesney, Matt Striker, Petey Williams, Scott D’Amore, Slyck Wagner Brown, April Hunter, & more

AWA NJ presents “Summer Heat ’05”
Fri, 7/15 – 8 pm
725 Sip ST, 3rd Floor, Union City, NJ

*AWA NJ Heavyweight Title Match: champion Rob Vegas w/ Peter Van Orton vs. CJ O’Doyle
*AWA Lightweight Title Match: champion Archadia vs. Envy
*Tag Turmoil: Notorious, Inc (Drew Blood/Devon Moore) vs. Cheech/Cloudy vs. Jerk Jackson/Scott Cardinal
*”Disturbed” Damien Dragon vs. The Idol
*Mike Donovan vs. Danny Demanto
*Neeno Capone vs. Chapuline Negro
*”NBC Loose Cannon” Joe Hardway vs. “Latin Punisher” Luis Miguel Ortiz
*Also featuring Deranged, Azrieal, Infernal Chapel (Wes Draven/Manslaughter), Slingblade
Carl, Matt Bennett, Mike Lewis, Adolfo Rivera, Jr., Dan Dynasty, Jay Lethal, & more

Tickets: $10

Mid American Wrestling
Fri, 7/15 – 8 pm
The Sports Connection, 3000 S 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

*MAW Tag Titles Match: champions Corporal Robinson/Hardcore Craig vs. The Hustler’s Hitmen (Mr. Moore/Mr. Jordan)
*MAW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: champion Silas Young vs. “Minute Man” Dan Lawrence
*NWA IL State Title Match: champion Marco Stylz Cordova vs. Egotistico Fantastico
*Rasche Brown (aka Skullkrusher) vs. Zero
*Jason Dukes vs. Stone
*Dysfunction vs. Mason Quinn
*Also featuring Venom & more

Tickets: $15

Southern Wrestling Federation
Fri, 7/15 – 8 pm
106 Southside DR, Tullahoma, TN

Tickets: $7 Adults, $6 5 & Under

Jersey All Pro Wrestling
Sat, 7/16 – 8 pm
Rahway Rec. Center, Rahway, NJ

*Sonjay Dutt vs. Low-Ki
*Teddy Hart/Jack Evans vs. The Backseat Boys (Johnny Kashmere/Trent Acid)
*B-Boy vs. M-Dogg 20
*Steve Corino/Ricky Landel vs. Jay Lethal/Poppa Lethal
*The Sandman vs. Rhyno
*Alicia vs. Talia

East Coast Wrestling Association
Sat, 7/16 – 7:30 pm
Greater Newark Boys’ & Girls’ Club, Newark, DE

*Mike Kruel/Freak Nastty vs. Ace Darling/Cheetah Master
*Andrew Ryker vs. Vic D. Vine
*Rob Eckos vs. Shawn Patrick
*Aden Chambers vs. Billy Bax
*Maniac Milonas vs. Japanese Pool Boy
*Mr. Ooh La La vs. Mega
*Chick Magnets vs. Chase Del Monte/Fred Sampson/Johnny Maxx

Combat Zone Wrestling/Maven Bentley Association
Sat, 7/16 – 2 pm
New Alhambra Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Proceeds to benefit Breast Cancer Research
*CZW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Ruckus vs. B-Boy
*Sabian vs. Infamous
*Heretic/Ravage vs. “The Master of the Sambo Style” Andy Sumner/Drew Gulak
*Shane Taylor vs. Z-Barr
*All Money iz Legal vs. D-Block/Kris Krude
*Battle Royal
*Also featuring “Primo” Robby Mireno, Maven Bentley, DJ Hyde, Jon Dahmer, CJ O’Doyle, Shaka, & more

Tickets: $10

Extreme Wrestling Federation
Sat, 7/16 – 7 pm
EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN

Sat, 7/16
First Ward Recreation Center, 610 E. 7th ST, Charlotte, NC

Featuring Tony Kozina, Johnny Blaze, Diablo Roja, Homeys with Attitude, Andru Bane, George South, Sr., Jason Jones, Jimmy Jack Funk, New Breed, Team AAA (Ian Daniels/Bulldog Conner), Jake Armstrong, Heavy B, George South, Jr., & more

Tickets: $8 Adults, $5 Kids, $20 (for 2 Adults, 2 Kids)

Next Generation Wrestling presents “Scars & Stripes”
Sat, 7/16
Peoria Riverplex Arena, Peoria, IL

*NGW People’s Choice Title, White Towel Surrender Match: champion Sinnister vs. Axis
*Tripc vs. Jester
*NGW Triple Threat Title, Submission Match: champion Kyle Rich vs. RC Stevens vs. ??
*NGW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Chris Hazard vs. Big Papa

Tickets: $10 advance, $12 at door

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
National Guard Armory, Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN
Sat, 7/16

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN
Sat, 7/16 – 7:30 pm

Tickets: $5

Hellaware Championship Wrestling presents “Winner Takes All”
Sat, 7/16 – 2 pm
Bulldozers Saloon, 6 W Glenwood AVE, Smyrna, DE

*Vulture vs. Bobby Lee
*Shadow vs. Gus
*Sabotage vs. “Juggalo” Dizmal Doug
*NY Knockouts vs. S-1/Devon Moore w/ Jaden vs. Teddy Fine/Scott” Pitt Bull” Dukes vs. ??
*Crazii Shea vs. Rex Sterling w/ Kid Rage
*Mad Man Pondo/Braindamage vs. Homeless Jimmy/Hellaware Assassin
*Also featuring HCW Hardcore champion “Mr. Insanity” Toby Klein & more

Tickets: $10

Mid-American Wrestling
Sun, 7/17 – 8 pm
The Sports Connection, 3000 S 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

Pro Wrestling United
Sun, 7/17 – 7:30 pm
Northern Carleton Arena, Florenceville, New Brunswick

Pro Wrestling United
Tues, 7/19 – 7:30 pm
Trenton Community Rink, Trenton, Nova Scotia

Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Wed, 7/20 – 8 pm
Galaxy Concert Theatre, Santa Ana, CA

*Tom Howard vs. Luther Reigns
*Skulu vs. Apocalypse
*Oliver John vs. Joey Ryan
*Lil’ Nate vs. Davie Richards
*Scott Lost vs. Antonio Mestre
*The Ballard Brothers vs. The Southside G’s
*Tommy Wilson/Shawn Riddick vs. The Human Tornado/Lionheart vs. The Good Guys
*Also featuring The Predator, Chris Masters, Frankie Kazarian, Jesus Aguilera, Sakoda, Ma’koa, Andrew Hellman, Marshall Knox, & more

Pro Wrestling United
Wed, 7/20 – 7:30 pm
Multi-Purpose Centre & Halifax Forum, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Wed, 7/20
Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, Evansville, IN

Tickets: $10 ringside, $8 GA