[WWE] Full Smackdown, Velocity, and Dark Matches Spoilers


Here are the results from tonight’s Velocity and Smackdown tapings in Worcester, MA

Velocity/Dark Matches:
– Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney defeated The Shane Twins. ECW!

– Simon Dean (yep, not Nova, Simon Dean) defeated Mike Kruel.

– Frankie Kazarian defeated Nunzio with a Perfectplex.

– Muhammad Hassan cut a promo. I went to the bathroom (figured you all were dying to know that).

– Chris Benoit defeated William Regal with the Crippler Crossface. Set your Tivo people, this was fantastic. This match should be on PPV, not a show hardly anyone watches.

Smackdown results:

These may be out of order, I apologize in advance.

– Eddie Guerrero teased revealing Rey Mysterio’s secret, but ends up in a confrontation with Hardcore Holly.

– Super Crazy, Psicosis & Juventud defeated Paul London, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Funaki in a six-man. I guess Benoit and Regal were on Velocity because all the Cruiserweights that are left were here.

– MNM beat up on Heidenreich until, get this … ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL makes the save.

– Eddie Guerrero defeats Hardcore Holly with a Lasso From El Paso after hitting Holly in the leg with a pipe.

– Christian beat up Booker T before they could have a match, ramming him into the steps over and over. He then made the ref count a pin anyway.

– They do a bit where a lawyer, representing Muhammad Hassan, says Hassan won’t be on TV until he beats Undertaker at the Great American Bash. Taker comes out to a monster pop and destroys him.

– JBL ranted and raved about being a better champion than Batista, promised to take the belt at the Bash, and so on and so on….

– Batista defeated Orlando Jordan (no titles on the line). After the match, JBL laid out Batista and stood over him with the belt.

– Triple H came out and joined JBL in beating on Batista until John Cena came out for the dark match main event, which ended with Cena pinning JBL.

Announced for the Great American Bash:
– Melina vs. Torrie in a Bra & Panties match.
– MNM defending the tag titles against Heidenreich & Road Warrior Animal.
– Christian vs. Booker T.
– Orlando Jordan defending the U.S. Title against Chris Benoit.
– Undertaker vs. Muhammad Hassan.
– World Champion Batista vs. JBL.

Credit: “Rick” and PWInsider.com