Superman #219 Review

Reviewer: Tim Byrne
Story Title : Touch (Sacrifice Part 1)

Writer : Mark Verheiden
Pencils : Ed Benes
Inks : Mariah Benes, Rob Lea, Alex Lei
Colors : Rod Reis
Letters : Rob Leigh
Editor : Eddie Berganza
Publisher : DC Comics

One of the more naked marketing tie-ins for the OMAC Project commences here, as all those following the OMAC Project have been directed to buy this issue. Nay, not just this issue, but the following issues of the other two Superman titles and Wonder Woman. Truly, a savvy marketing move.

But how significantly does the OMAC Project tie into this story? So far, I’m not sure. The conclusion of the OMAC Project issue, left us with the tantalising prospect of Clark Kent under the control of OMAC, with all the disaster for our heroes that this would have entailed.

However, this issue starts with an (admittedly) eye-dropping portrait of Lois going about her morning routine, considering her life with Clark. The subsequent issue deals with an epic struggle with Brainiac, along with further meditations on what it ‘means’ to be Superman. To be frank, after the epic ‘For Tomorrow’ arc, I can think of better ways to spend my time than on further ruminations about Superman’s place in the world etc. etc.

To be honest, this issue seems to be toying with the idea of ‘is it really happening’, and the final pages particularly play into this theory. The final page cliff-hanger especially helps us to understand that not everything has been as it seems, either for us or the intrepid super-hero whose exploits we have been following.

Overall, this is a moderately well-written tale, although one which doesn’t live up to the ‘OMAC Project tie-in’ label. At least not yet.

The art is of the eye-candy school, particularly with the afore-mentioned shots of Lois. Images of Supes, particularly in flight, are less visceral, with a front-on shot being particularly jarring.

I guess I’ll have to see what the rest of the story says. Isn’t that the idea?

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