[MISC] Matt Hardy Video Posted on TheMattHardyShow.com

On TheMattHardyShow.com, the first “episode” of Matt’s Internet show, produced by Buzz Media, has been posted. In it, Matt sits in front of his computer the morning after his RAW run-in and talks about how much he appreciates his fans and that wherever he ends up, he owes a lot to their support through this horrible situation that he promises to turn into something positive … and that he won’t be silenced. Here is a rough transcript:

“Ladies & gentlemen, MFers worldwide, this is Matt Hardy and it is about 4 o’clock A.M. early Tuesday morning, July 12, 2005, and I’m still up and I’m wired from July 11th, my independence day, the date of The Movement. As all of you know, I was cuffed [shows red marks on his wrists], and stuffed, and dragged out of the Meadowlands by my former employees the WWE. The assholes that are known as the WWE. Well guys it was great to see ya again, glad you were happy to see me, but if I do say so myself, the thing I wanna tell all my MFers is that regardless of where Matt Hardy goes, Matt Hardy from here out will not change.

Matt Hardy’s thoughts will not be controlled. Matt Hardy’s mouth will not be filtered. And Matt Hardy’s eyes will see what they wanna see.

And just remember this MFers: this has been a terrible, terribly tough time for me. You guys have stood with me every step of the way. But now, we’re gonna turn a negative situation into the most positive situation of all time. And remember you’re here, and The Movement started yesterday … but The Movement now begins to grow stronger, and stronger, and stronger …

And they will all know my name as MATT … FUCKING … HARDY!”

The camera zooms in on a photo of Matt in cuffs, and the show is then followed by some quick fan plugs of the show and Web site and credits from Buzz Media Productions.

At the time of this post, Matt’s personal Web site and message board at THEMattHardy.com is still down, as it has been since early Tuesday morning.