Villains United #3 Review

Reviewer: Andy Campbell
Story Title: Privileged to Spill Her Blood

Writer: Gail Simone
Pencils: Val Semeiks
Inks: Prentis Rollins
Colors: Sno-Cone
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Assistant Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Steven Wacker
Publisher: DC Comics

My favourite of the pre-Infinite Crisis mini-series continues in this, the third installment. Gail Simone is one of my favourite writers, and this mini-series is just another reason why. Simone absolutely excels at fleshing out characters, which means that you, the reader, become much more immersed in the story.

The basic premise of this mini-series, if you don’t already know, is this: Lex Luthor’s Society (consisting of Talia, Deathstroke, Black Adam, Calculator, and Dr. Psycho) is attempting to recruit all of the villains of the DCU to their cause; six are resisting — the so-called Secret Six (Catman, Cheshire, Ragdoll, Scandal, Deadshot, and Parademon).

Anyway, last issue saw the Secret Six get captured by the Society. This issue sees them tortured, as the Society tries to gain information about the Six’s mysterious leader, Mockingbird. Simone’s strength really shows here, as she takes C-level (and lower) villains and makes multi-faceted, deep, meaningful, REAL characters. I never would have guessed that I’d be caring about Catman, but now I find that I love the character. Thanks Gail!

The art in this issue is serviceable. It’s nothing stellar, to be sure, but it’s also not even remotely bad; it’s basically just average, default, comic book art. It tells the story, and that’s all I can ask, really.