ByteThis! Report: Lita Finally Responds

We kick off ByteThis! with Todd Grisham. He announces Lita will be on next. She’ll talk about topics outside and inside the ring, and they ARE accepting your phonecalls.

They debut a new ByteThis! video.

We come back to Lita. She thanks Todd for not peeing on her, as requested by a fan. She appreciates his professionalism. Everyone wants to know her take on the shocking events on RAW. She says she’s kept quiet, took the high road and kept her personal life personal. She says there are safety issues with Edge getting blind-sided. She says what’s happening in cyber-space is happening in Matt Hardy’s living room. She says ask whatever you want. Todd reads some excerpts, despite Lita’s warning of the vulgar. Lita says she’s sorry he’s never had his heart broken and sorry she’s the one who did it but he needs to grow up. She says the stuff he is doing is illegal. She sad the Matt she fell in love with is different then this one. Lita says she keeps private issues to herself, while Matt is more open. She says wrestling was Matt’s life. Lita says that it’s not the fans business. She says she has no obligation to the fans to be with Matt Hardy. Lita said she made the right decision to be with Edge.

E-Mail Question: : “How do you respond to all the bad press you and Edge have gotten? Do you feel bad?”

She says she does feel bad. She doesn’t sign autographs or go out to dinner because she doesn’t want to deal with all of it. She says she has ignored most of it and tried to get on with life. She says Matt is perfect at being a “Spin Doctor” by making himself look like the victim in every case.

E-Mail Question : “Did you think that your personal life would have had this much impact on fans at it has?”

She wouldn’t ever think she would ever be involved in any scenario like this. She says she is usually a strong person. She says she can’t control this situation, and it makes her feel like she doesn’t want to be around.

E-Mail Question: “How is your relationship with Jeff?”

She says she has spoken to Jeff twice after all this happened. She said his brother will have his back, and that is expected.

E-Mail Question: “Do you ever see you and Matt being friends or getting back together romantically?”

She said probably not but she said that she also didn’t expect to be sitting here now, so who knows.

Grisham asks her about Edge and his relationships. She says she doesn’t have a comment on that.

Grisham asks if Matt is still on her mind. She says she does think of him and care about him. She says she has blocked out most of his rants to make it feel better.

Somebody called and told Lita she supported her besides his personal life. She says thank you but she can’t rely on a couple of loyal fans to make it go away. Grisham asks about what the fans say to Edge when they are out in public She says the internet thing is like road rage, where they have more guts behind their keyboard. She says people don’t have the balls to say anything to their face. Grisham asks about the chants. She says she can’t focus because the fans don’t know the half of it. Lita says she would change the past if she could, but she can’t. Lita said she apologized to Matt, but doesn’t feel that she needs to apologize to the Internet.

Somebody calls and asks how Matt’s situation has affected her life. She said that Matt told her it was career suicide. She said she just kept quiet and took the high road.

Lita says she is in love with Edge. She says that she doesn’t like fans reactions, positive or negative.

Matt Hardy calls!!!

Matt reminds Lita that New York is where she told him she loved him. He says he wants to hear her explain herself. Lita asks him what she wants him to know. Lita makes a remark about Matt’s Internet obsession. Lita says she didn’t like Matt blindsiding Edge. Matt says Lita’s life is only starting to become miserable, along with Edge. Lita askshim if he’s done with his wrestling promo. He says that he has more to say. Matt asks him why she is more in love with Adam than her, bringing up Edge’s marriages. Matt said he loved her more than anybody else. She says she doesn’t want to be with Matt because he is cutting wrestling promos for personal life. She says he’s decided to make a break-up that happens off camera into forums. Matt says they are public people. Matt says he didn’t do anything wrong. Lita says it became public because of him. She doesn’t understand why he couldn’t have solved with her privately. She says she didn’t mean for her and Edge to happen.

Grisham asks Matt if Edge should have been fired. Matt says yes. Matt says if she cared, she would have told Matt that Adam made a move. Matt said he treated Lita as good as gold. Matt said that he was going to return because he “busted his ass off” to get back in a business he loves. He said Johnny Ace called him and said that he was released because they didn’t have a purpose for him. He said he didn’t buy it. He said WWE firing him was bullshit. Edge should have been fired along with Lita. Matt says he doesn’t want to be with her. He says that he had the best singles career on Smackdown! and he came to RAW just to be with her. He said his relationship with her was first, and wrestling was second. Matt says he will have retribution. Matt says he is warning her.

Lita says that she is the host and Matt Hardy is on the phone and asks if he has anything more to say. He says he is a free man.
He said Friday he is going to wrestle at Ring of Honor. He said that Saturday he might pop up somewhere. He said Sunday, he might have to take a trip to Florida. Lita interrupts him and thanks Matt for calling. Matt says seriously: “Why did you do it?” She says there was obviously something that wasn’t there. Matt asks her what. Lita says she doesn’t need to share it with the rest of the world. Lita takes off her mic and walks out. Grisham thanks him for coming on. Grisham asks him what is next. He says every
Monday and Tuesday WWE has events so you never know. Matt pimps out his online show. Before he leaves he tells fans to visit and “I’ll see you at Ring of Honor!”

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