[SD] Smackdown Preview, Anti-Smackdown Preview


From WWE.com:

The Great American Bash will be just 10 days away when SmackDown! arrives in Worcester, Mass.
Certainly, there’s plenty of contention between JBL and World Heavyweight Champion Batista as the two Superstars prepare for their showdown on July 24 at the pay-per-view.

In the meantime, Batista has his hands full in a Champion vs. Champion match-up with United States Champion Orlando Jordan this week.

Also, Christian takes on Booker T and the Mexicools will finally have an official match, taking on Paul London, Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki in a six-man cruiserweight  tag team battle.

Also, Eddie Guerrero has mentally tortured Rey Mysterio for two weeks now, constantly threatening to reveal a special secret that will apparently rock Mysterio’s family.

What’s next in this sordid story? Don’t miss SmackDown! on UPN this week (8/7) CT

From Dan Hevia:

We actually have a Pay Per View in 10 days! AHHHHHH! Must…do…quick…booking!

Certainly Batista wishes he was never traded as he has to step into the ring with JBL on July 24th. That’s like saying “Put over Holly…it will be huge!”

In the meantime, it’s the next worst thing as Batista will take on Orlando Jordan in a Champion vs. Champion match this week on Smackdown! Will it be “The Animal” or “The White Bronco”? Tune in to find out!

Additionally, Christian will take on Booker T and The Mexicools will have a match against Paul London, Scotty 2 Hotty and Akio…wait…fired him?…who’s the other Asian?…ok, BREAKING NEWS: Akio has been replaced by Funaki!

Finally, since we don’t trust two Hispanics to have a feud without the aid of Sportz Entertainment, Eddie Guerrero has been in Rey Mysterio’s head for weeks with his “secret”. Will the chalupa become unwrapped? Tune in Thursday night at 8pm on UPN!