[WWE] WWE Placing More Emphasis on Internet Presence

PWInsider.com is reporting that WWE.com’s operations have been moved out of the fourth floor of Titan Towers and is now lodged in the TV studios, as WWE places more of an emphasis online. TV producer Chris Chambers is running the site, with Shane McMahon still in charge of all new media properties. They are trying to make WWE.com more “relevant” by reporting news stories, after recognizing that the site had gotten rather stale.

As we have discussed here in the past, there is more of a “worked shoot” (blurring the lines between TV storylines and ‘real life’) on the site lately, particularly since WWE realized the “value” of “smart” fans around the time of the ECW PPV. This can be seen in recent coverage on WWE.com of the released superstars, the JBL/Blue Meanie fiasco, Brock Lesnar’s “meetings” at WWE Headquarters, and of course all things Matt Hardy. Most recently, WWE.com has posted an interview with Matt Striker — the teacher-turned-wrestler that faced Kurt Angle on RAW this week.