PLAN Diego: The Arrival

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Comics Nexus’s Second Annual Comicon Coverage. Or, as we’re calling it, PLAN Diego. We apologize for the lack of update last night, but the internet was being, how do you say, uncooperative. So, you just get two updates for the price of one today. YAY!

Jamie is already at the Con, earning his keep. I’m the bum still in the room so this update…all about me.

My trip from Wu-ington (06111!!!) to the Left Coast began around 8 in the morning and concluded at touchdown here just after 6 pm (WST). That’s a 13 hour journey, just in case you were wondering. My plane mates included, at one point, a black velvet Everlast jumpsuit wearing singer who really wanted to talk to me about cell phones and laptops and heading to sing at a gig in Ontario, California. Yup, it’s a real place (I looked it up). No, I have no idea where it is (North, I would guess). Never say I don’t make sacrifices for all of you.

My celebrity sighting meter (of “legitimate” celebrities) is already at 2. Margot Kidder asked us if she could ride her bike on a particular path (most random celebrity cameo EVER) and Ray Parks (you may know him as the man who found out what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lighting or from some indie picture called The Phantom Menace) happens to be staying in the same hotel as us. He and his wife (I assume) have brought more stuff to this hotel than anyone else ever. Wisely, when I some them and their caravan of gear, I pressed the elevator close button and giggled at their misfortune.

A word about the elevator here. There are creepy, creepy dolls. As you ride up, there are two window-ed rooms against the elevator that have dolls in them doing such things as playing house and being an old school telephone operator. I can’t say for sure that they are evil, but I swear that one of them has blood on its lips.

Okay…so that was more than a word. Sorry.

Alright, that’s all for now. I’m off to cover the Batman panel (oooo, I hope we talk about War Crimes!!!!) so we’ll see you all again tonight.

Un Gajje Has Arrived. The Time for Getting Down is Now.