Murtzcellanious – LIVE Canadian Idol Thoughts – July 13

Let me begin by saying that it is unbelievably hot in Toronto right now. The heatwave here has broken records and it’s even warmer here than in New Orleans right now!

I say this because I wanted it to serve as a funny introduction to this article.

When I got to the building, there was a big line-up (as per usual). I saw a mom yelling at a couple of the co-ordinators that she was going in whether they liked it or not because her kids needed a drink. The assumption is that Canadians are always nice. Apparently not always the case.

So I owe Erica. The audience co-ordinator really made up for Tuesday’s chaotic seating arrangement by placing me back on the floor and directly behind the Top 8 Canadian Idol contestants. I was right behind Ashley Leitao and Daryl Brunt for Wednesday’s program.

As I waited for the show to begin, I was totally CONVINCED (pun intended) that Aaron Walpole and Vince Benenati would be added to the top 10 ranks. So sure, that I even e-mailed people at CTV to tell them. I was ready to place a second mortgage on that being the result.

The Wednesday show was the last one that would be taped at the Masonic Temple. Starting next week all of the remaining shows will be taped at the John Bassett theatre. This edition was also taping much earlier. It started at 6:30 PM EST and would air at 7:30 EST.

From my vantage point, I started looking around at the all of the parents seated around me. I particularly noticed Luke O’Reilly’s family seated across from me and this led me to question what the role of the critic is. I have been very harsh on Luke, and he is probably a nice enough guy. The role of a critic has always been an issue that I have wrestled with because I have never been sure what gives the opinion of a regular person more credence than the next person. There is nothing that differentiates one critic from the next. Anyway, perhaps that’s a topic for me to delve into another time.

I saw Devika’s family again and smiled to myself as they brought out their cool-looking signs. Nothing says lovin’ like recycled posters! Haha. Just kidding.

Another question that I thought about was who was going to take the third seat beside Vince and Aaron. I thought that Luke, Barrett and Stephane were all serious contenders.

I was picked out by two people in the audience who kept pointing at me. I think they noticed that I was a reporter or something. I later found out that they were friends of Josh Palmer.

The current top eight were introduced and they sat in front of me. Ashley said hello.

Sue’s warm-up began and the judges were introduced. Jake pulled out Sass’ seat for her which was cool.

The eight wild card candidates were introduced and it was weird. As soon as they hit the stage (and before the show started taping), they all started singing “All I Do Is Think About You.” It was odd. Perhaps it was some sort of inside joke? I have no idea, but they basically sang the entire thing. Dianelys was singing the lead.

I noticed that there was a lack of excitement in the building. I attributed this to the results being so obvious. Vince and Aaron. Aaron and Vince.

Sue promised comedy on the show, but would not reveal what it entailed.

Right when the taping began, I noticed Jon Dore sitting in the crowd. Ah, there’s the comedy. Even though I don’t find Jon to be incredibly hilarious myself.

Ben Mulroney came out and said that a record 2.1 million votes were cast on Tuesday night. He then introduced a recap of the Tuesday performances.

While this was on air, a table with some steaming chemicals were rolled out in front of Jon Dore. There was a cheesy inspiration video that aired to promote the Canada Post contest where fans are invited to mail in their letters of hope to contestants to win a chance to meet the top 5.

Ben then got comments from the top eight. Ashley said that she has been “chillaxing” for the last month.

After a commercial break (during which the three stools for the top three vote-getters were set-up), it was time for the results.

Luke: No.
Stephane: No.
Devika: No.
Aaron: Yes.
Josh: Yes.

This left Dianelys, Vince and Barrett waiting to hear if they were going to join Aaron and Josh on the stools.

I knew that it was going to be Vince so when Ben asked the judges for some comments, I was barely paying attention.

Jake: When I watched the show back on TV, it was an all-star game of a program.

Sass offered no predictions as to who was moving on.

Zack offered a deep quote about looking left and looking right because only one Idol would be left standing.

After a commercial break, Ben announced the DIANELYS and not Vince had made it.

I was literally stunned. It’s now been 24 hours and I am still just as shocked as I was then.

I couldn’t believe that Vince was not going to make it into the Top 10. He was the clear-cut crowd choice last night and the only explanation that I have for his failure to advance is that his entire family was in attendance last night and thus could not get the votes that he needed.


Anyway, the show ended with Ben announcing that Aaron and Josh moving on but I really don’t think that is the story.

The tale of Vince Benenati ends with a thud instead of a bang and that’s really all I can say as we move on to the Top 10.

Daryl Brunt
Ashley Leitao
Emily Vinette
Casey LeBlanc
Amber Fleury
Rex Goudie
Melissa O’Neill
Suzi Rawn
Aaron Walpole
Josh Palmer

I can’t wait….