PLAN DIEGO: Saturday


Welcome to another fine edition of the happenstance of the Nexus crew in San Diego. Now I will admit. I, James Hatton, am writing this to you at 3am in the morning. We have had a LOOooong day of panel watching, con walking, friend talking, drinking, walking aimlessly through the streets of San Diego, and tirelessly trying to have the best damn time we can.

I will also admit that given the way the world works, we are all too beat-ass tired to give you all of the news.

I apologize. What I am going to give you is a running tally of some of the most amazing things that can be seen during a con day, and some of the random quotes that you can place for yourself that have been heard today. At the bottom will be the biggest piece of news gathered by me today… trust me, read through the stupid funny stuff.. the news is pretty f’n cool.

* Dressing your child as Omen is not a way to look cool, but more a call for help.
* Dressing your child up as Vampirella is sincerely the hottest thing you can do.
* “No, we can’t keep doing this, I’m married.”
* Ray Parks almost getting into fistfights outside of our hotel.
* A 40 year old man and a child both carrying leashes to another child is far and away the most disturbing visual ever.
* Random cars have in fact screamed ‘F YOU’ to us, when we were in no danger of walking into the street.
* While Tim, Danielle, and I were eating our dinner (a fine pesto pizza at one of the local establishments) an obvious condweller leaned over the railing and asked whether he could take a slice to his ‘laaaady’.
* The contemplation was there to eat the food louder than we would have, but by that point he had disappeared.. ah well.
* Dementia… sitting a foot away from me, seems to be a movie of class, of taste, of style, and 10 electrodes placed in the most ominous of places. I am not telling you who bought it.
* Somewhere in another part of the hotel, there is a roommate talking quite candidly with an attractive woman about nothing in particular in what would seem, on the superficial surface that we here at the Nexus hold dear, to get into her pants.
* If said attempt was in fact real, and in fact did succeed, we here at PLAN: Diego will have lost a little bit of our faith in humanity, as well as have vomited a little into our mouths.
* The ghost of the Horton Grand Hotel’s name is Roger. To summon him you must stand outside of room 309, at 3:09am, say his name a few times with your eyes closed. When you open them. Roger will be there. As a note, this is written on hotel literature.
* Roger does not, in fact have wireless.. as Tim went looking for it outside of room 309 last night.

Oh.. and just so you know..

Stephen King is going to be doing a book for Marvel.

Goodnight guys.

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