Rasslin Roundtable: TNA No Surrender


Steel Chain Dog Collar Match – NWA World Title
Raven vs. Abyss

Dustin Young: I don’t see Raven FINALLY reaching the top of the mountain just to drop the strap to Abyss. what’s he gonna do he’s like a birthmark he can’t do anything
WINNER – Scotty Flamingo

Gene Lindberg: AJ Styles just had a one month title reign. Please don’t do this to Raven…
Winner- Raven

David Brashear: After all the build that TNA built up about Raven chasing the title, they should have done this a year ago. That said, I don’t think it’s time for Abyss to take it.
Winner – Raven

Christopher Daniels vs. Petey Williams
X Title

Gene Lindberg: I think Williams is an excellent contender…but, I think Daniels will keep the belt.
Winner- Christopher Daniels

David Brashear: I’d like to see Daniels hold on for a little while longer. I think he’s a good all-rounder who can ensure good matches and help to elevate his contenders.
Winner – Christopher Daniels

Dustin Young: Fallen Angel has been on a roll so yeah I’ll pick him.

AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman
Special Guest Referee: Jerry Lynn

David Brashear: Waltman’s been showing a fire I thought was gone for good over the last few months. Still, I don’t think he’s going to pull this one out.
Winner – AJ Styles

Dustin Young: Jerry Lynn heel turn
WINNER – Jerry Lynn counts for The 1-2-3 Kid

Gene Lindberg: The only way I see Waltman winning is if Lynn beats up Styles…hopefully that won’t happen.
Winner- AJ Styles

America’s Most Wanted vs. Michael Shane & Alex Shelley

Dustin Young: Let’s see I don’t care about this match but hey Michael Shane is related to HBK so they will win
WINNERS – The Baby Bear And HBK’s Cousin

Gene Lindberg: Alex Shelley? Michael Shane? What a great tag team…
Winner – America’s Most Wanted

David Brashear: I’m afraid that they’re going to keep the AMW losing streak going here. Still, hope springs eternal…
Winners – America’s Most Wanted

Super X Cup Qualifier
Primetime Elix Skipper vs. Shark Boy vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Mikey Batts
Dustin Young: I see a spot fest in my future and Prime Time Jobbing to Samoa Joe in the Finals
WINNER – Didn’t he used to be in Team Canada in WCW ??

David Brashear: This one’s hard to call for me. If the purpose of the match is to start elevating somebody new, I’d call Sonjay or Mikey Batts. Since Shark Boy’s in it and TNA’s wanting to milk the mainstream press about him suing Disney, I’ll have to go another way…
Winner – Shark Boy

No Disqualification Street Fight
3 Live Kru (Konnan & Ron Killings) vs. The Outlaw & Monty Brown

David Brashear – Looks like they’re finally going to pull the trigger on the BG James heel turn.
Winners – The Outlaw & Monty Brown

Dustin Young – I’ll make this simple, Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages degener…….. I mean TNA proudly brings to you the future TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORRRRRRRRRRRRRLD The Road Dogg Jesse James and the Bad Ass Billy Gunn The New Age Outlaws!!!! Oh yeah, the POUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNCE PERIOD!!
Winners: Rockabilly & the Triple A Ball Player with help from The Roadie

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin

Gene Lindberg: There goes Sabin’s push.
Winner- Samoa Joe

Dustin Young – HAIL SABIN!!!! Too bad they are giving Samoa Joe the Brock Push
WINNER: That guy that’s probably some how related to The Rock

David Brashear – After they built up how Samoa Joe had only lost like 2 matches over the last three years, no way TNA’s having him lay down tonight.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Six Man Tag Match
The Naturals & Lance Hoyt vs. Team Canada

Dustin Young: What u gonna do brother when Hoytamania runs wild on you???
WINNERS – TNA Hardys And TNA Test

David Brashear: Without Scott D’Amore there, I think we’ll see Team Canada at a serious disadvantage.
Winners – Naturals & Hoyt

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!