[WWE] Wrestlers Return/Debut at Weekend House Shows

In SD’s Frederick, MD, house show this weekend, Boogeyman debuted with a Goldust/Papa Shango-like entrance, cutting a promo that ended with him saying “I’m your worst nightmare” and thunder, lightening and rain pouring down! This was, of course, an outdoor show but sounds like a heck of a visual.

He beat Doug Basham in a short match when the show resumed.

Aside from Doug Basham’s return, Eugene made his house show return this weekend at RAW’s Louisville, KY, house show, in a promo with Coachman and Rene Dupree.

Also at that show, OVW Tag Champions Chad & Tank Toland w/Jillian Hall retained their belts vs. The Thrillseekers (Matt Capotelli & Johnny Jeter).

Credit: PWInsider.com