InsidePULSE’s TNA No Surrender Report

InsidePULSE’s TNA No Surrender Report 07.17.05
Live from Orlando, Fla
Announcers are West & The Professor
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Alex Shelley & Michael Shane (w/ Traci) vs. America’s Most Wanted
Shelley & Cowboy start. Shelley tries to toss Cowboy over, but Cowboy skins the cat, and Wildcat and Shane are tagged in. AMW with some double teaming, but Shelley in, takes down Wildcat. Shane back in, Wildcat fights back, long vertical suplex, Shane rolls out of the ring when Cowboy is tagged in. Cowboy lurks after Shane on the outside, but Shelley jumps Cowboy from behind. Shelley and Cowboy fight up the ramp, and Cowboy tosses Shelley off, on to the floor, then jumps on him. Ringside, Shane and Wildcat go back and forth, with Traci giving Wildcat a low blow. Shane goes for a Powerbomb on the ramp, but Wildcat back body drops him on the ramp. Wildcat grabs Traci, and handcuffs her to the ringpost. Back in the ring, Wildcat and Shane go back and forth, and Wildcat tags in Cowboy. Cowboy and Shane are back and forth, but Shelley runs in. Cowboy taking on both, nailing Shelley with the Eye of the Storm to take out Shelley. Shane goes to toss Wildcat over the top again, but when Wildcat tries to skin the cat, Shane with a baseball slide. Shane then nails Cowboy with a big shoe that Traci gave him, then goes for it again, but Cowboy nails the full nelson slam on Shane, then the superkick on Shelley for the pin.
Winners – AMW

Shane drills Cowboy with a superkick after the bell.

Recap of Jarrett from the preview. The Professor informs JJ that Rhino is in the building.

Team Canada cuts a promo on Hoyt, and JJ comes in and says that they need to stick together, so that when TNA hires the new guys, they don’t get replaced. Petey says that they will have his back, just like they have before. When JJ leaves, Roode says that they can’t trust JJ.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Primetime vs. Mikey Batts vs. Sharkboy – X Cup Qualifier
Dutt and Primetime start. Primetime nails a kneebreaker, then Batts tags himself in. Dutt wants to shake hands with Batts, but Batts slaps him, to Dutt takes him out. Batts tags in Sharkboy, and he goes back and forth with Dutt. Sharkboy then sharbites Batts, and Dutt lays Sharkboy out. Primetime with a blind tag, and he leaps on in Sharkboy. Sharkboy off the ropes, Primetime with the Matrix move to avoid Sharkboy, but Dutt is tagged in, and stomps on Primetime. Batts in, Primetime puts him on the turnbuckle, and goes to walk the ropes, but Primetime slips and falls to the floor. Sharkboy and Dutt go toe to toe, Dutt drops Sharkboy to one knee, and hits a Shinning Wizard. There is then a series of finishers, with Primetime nailing Sudden Death on Batts, then Sharkboy hitting the DSD, and Primetime falls to the floor. Dutt then hits the Hindu Press on Batts for the pin.
Winner – Sonjay Dutt

Simon Diamond comes down to the ring with David Young. He calls Young his new Diamond in the Rough.

Simon Diamond & David Young vs. Sonny Siaki & Apolo
Apollo is having his way with Young, and Diamond won’t let Young tag. Siaki in, and he slaps Young around. Young with a cheap shot, and tags in Diamond. Diamond hits Apolo with a discuss punch, then goes to hit Siaki, but Siaki nails a full nelson slam. Young runs in, and nails his big time Spinebuster, but Siaki is not the legal man. Apolo picks up Young and nails an F5 type move on Young, and scores the pin.
Winners – Siaki/Apolo

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin
Back and forth to start, Sabin hits a Stinger Splash, and calls for the Cradleshock, but he can’t lift Joe. Joe starts working over Sabin’s neck. Sabin fights back, with a series of high risk moves, but Joe grabs him, hits a Powerbomb, and turns it around into STF, then turns it into a Crossface, then turns it into laid out abdominal stretch. Sabin gets to the ropes, and fights back again. Sabin goes for the Cradleshock again, but Joe slide though, only for Sabin to hit an enzaguri. Sabin goes to the top but Joe with a high kick, crotches Sabin, then nails the Muscle Buster, and locks on the Rear Naked Choke for the submission.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Hart, Naturals, and Hoyt cut a promo backstage.

Team Canada vs. Lance Hoyt & The Naturals (w/ Jimmy Hart)
The faces are running roughshot over Team Canada quickly. The crowd LOVES Hoyt…I don’t get it. You know what needs to happen is The Dudleys need to come down and take them all out. The match is very fast paced, and Team Canada starts working their way back. A1 has the ref distracted, and Roode brings in the hockey stick. He tosses it to Jimmy Hart, then goes down, pretending to get hit by the hockey stick…and the ref ejects Hart. Team Canada is all over the faces now. Hoyt comes in and is on fire, takes out all 3 Canadians. Naturals are in, and they go for the Natural Disaster on Young, but A1 distracts the ref, and Roode nails both Nats with Hart’s megaphone that was left at ringside, and Young pins Chase.
Winners – Team Canada

Recap of 3LK’s problems.

Backstage, Outlaw announces that he will be going by Kip James from now on, out of respect to BG’s father, who thinks of him as a son. JJ comes in, and wants to make sure they are with him, Kip is along for the ride, however Monty says that they worked together on a contingency basis, and JJ promised him a title shot.

Kip James & The Alpha Male vs. Konnan & The Truth – Street Fight
This is bad, and it ends quickly, with Brown nailing THE POUNCE on Truth. BG James on the ramp, and he comes down the ringside. Kip wants BG to hit Truth with a chair, but BG tosses the chair down and walks away.
Winners – Kip & Monty

Video Package of AJ/Waltman, with Lynn.

Lynn with The Franchise. Lynn is happy to be back in TNA, and he’ll call it down the middle.

A.J. Styles vs. Sean Waltman – Special Guest Ref: Jerry Lynn
Back and forth to start. Waltman kicks out of the Styles Clash. AJ goes for the Spiral Tap, but Waltman moves, and nails the X-Factor, and it seems like Don West just had a heart attack. Waltman gets a steel chair, and he puts it around AJ’s ankle. Lynn takes the chair off, and Waltman gets in Lynn’s face. AJ up, goes for a sunset flip, Waltman holds onto the ropes, but Lynn kicks Waltman’s hands, and AJ rolls though and nails another Styles Clash for the pin.
Winner – Styles

Backstage, JJ confront Zybsko about Rhino. Larry says that Rhino is here, and JJ tells him that the TNA welcoming committee is waiting for him.

Recap of Christopher Daniels/Petey Williams.

Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Petey Williams (w/ A1) – X Division Title
Typical X-Division stuff to start. They go to the outside, and Daniels powerbombs Petey on the side of the ring! Daniels is working over Petey’s back, Daniels locks on an abdominal submission, and A1 puts Petey’s leg on the rope. Petey starts firing back, they go chop for chop. Samoa Joe is on the top of the ramp, and Daniels tries to walk out of the match, but he sees Joe, and A1 tosses him in the ring. Petey locks on the Sharpshooter. Daniels finally gets to ropes, Petey goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Daniels blocks it, pulls Petey around and goes for Angel’s Wings. Petey drops to his knees, Daniels gets him up, and goes for the Wings again, but Petey hurracanranna’s out of it. A1 goes to give Petey a chain, but he ref catches it, and Daniels gets a chain of his own, and clocks Petey, following it up with the BME for the pin.
Winner and STILL Champ – Fallen Angel

Recap of Abyss/Raven

Raven (c) vs. Abyss (w/ James Mitchell) – Dog Collar Match – NWA Title
Abyss bullies Raven to start. Abyss quickly grabs a chair, and lodges it in the turnbuckle. Raven rolls out of the ring, and he grabs and tosses a handful of chairs in the ring. He then sets up a table at ringside. Raven wraps up his fist and goes to punch Abyss, but Abyss moves and Raven punches the ringpost. Back in the ring, Abyss hits a splash, with a chair on top of Raven’s gut. Abyss lays a pile of chairs on the mat, then lays Raven on them…and goes for a 2nd rope senton, but Raven moves. Raven then gets the staple gun, and staples Abyss’s head. They go to the outside, and Abyss sets up a bunch of tables at the side of the ramp. They fight up to the stage, and Raven kicks Abyss in the nuts, and Abyss falls through the tables. Mitchell sets up a table, and Abyss pulls Raven from the stage through that table. They fight back to the ring, Abyss sets up a table against the ringpost, and Raven spears Abyss through it. Back in the ring, Raven nails the Evenflow for 2. Raven clotheslines Abyss over the top rope, and is hanging Abyss with the chain. Mitchell gets in the ring, and nails Raven with his cane. Abyss takes the collar off, and gets a sack of thumbtacks. Abyss is setting up a top turnbuckle Powerbomb through the thumbtacks, and Cassidy Riley comes out and stops it. Abyss then chokeslams Riley from the top turnbuckle through a table at ringside. Raven then powerbombs Abyss on the pile of thumbtacks! Raven hits the ropes, and Abyss catches him in the Black Hole Slam…but not on the tacks, and Raven kicks out. Raven back up, Evenflow on the tacks for the pin.
Winner and STILL Champ – Raven

Jarrett comes down, and says that Raven’s nightmare is over, but he only has one word of advice….turn around. Raven turns around right into a GORE GORE GORE!!!

Show Over.