'Big Brother 6' Spoiler : First Fight Transcript

With news of the fight between Eric and Mike hitting the internet, I’ve done my best to give you what you want: a play-by-play.

Mike was looking for Janelle. She wasn’t in the Gold Room or the Storage Room. After a heavy sigh from Mike, he realized he had to go outside or be entirely alone. Mike walks outside. Whatever Mike was saying at hottub, Eric calls Mike out, after staring at him for a good while.

Eric: You got a f****** problem?
Michael: I don’t have a f****** problem, You got a problem?
Eric: Not a f****** thing, but ya know what…..
Michael: That’s what I thought…..
Eric: But, go ahead….
Michael: Ya f****** talk a lot,
Eric standing up: ….talk about my f****** family….
Michael: ….you can’t act on it and you have a small penis.
Eric chair falls over, begins walking towards Michael, pointing at him: ….ya f****** piece of shit. Talk about my family. Ya piece of s***.
Michael: [inaudible]
Eric: You’re a piece of s***.
Kaysar restraining Michael: Shut the f*** up.
Michael: You f****** midget.
Eric: You’re going home, You’re going home.

Howie ran over from hottub and helped Kaysar hold Eric back. Ivette and Rachel also grab Eric. Ivette repeats he’s going home, he’s going home.

In the background, the crowd at hottub could be heard yelling “Take it to the diary room!” and “He’s going home anyway Cappy, he’s going home.”

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