[SD] Eddie Guerrero Takes Over Rey’s Website

Rey Mysterio’s personal website, ReyMysterio.com has been taken over by Eddie Guerrero. The following is the main page text:

Hey Rey! I really admire your website homez! I admire it so much that I wish my website looks like this…

Now Rey, I know you love your fans. And you’ll give your fans the very best. But I also know that you love your family. And you’ll do anything for them. Am I right homez? Of course I’m right. You’ll do anything for them…especially if it’s for your son, Dominik.

I know Dominik would like Uncle Eddie to have a nice website too. In fact, I know Dominik would love his Uncle Eddie to have a website just like YOURS! Go ahead, ask him Rey. Ask Dominik. Or if you want I can ask him for you. I can ask him right after I tell him a bedtime story….What do you say Rey??…

……by the way, did I say that I really admire your website?

When you enter the site, everything has (literally) been crossed out, replaced with Eddie Guerrero material.