InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 7.18.05

Two weeks ago, Shawn Michaels laid out the Immortal Hulk Hogan with “Sweet Chin Music.” Last week he was on Piper’s Pit and told Hogan that there was a price to pay for immortality. Then, before laying out a second-straight Hall of Famer in Piper, he challenged Hogan to a one-on-one matchup for SummerSlam. It would be The Legend vs. The Icon. Will Hogan answer his challenge and give the fans “one more match?” has just learned that Edge and Kane will square off in a rematch from last week. This time, however, all outside interference will be eliminated, as both Superstars will compete inside a steel cage.

Plus, the 2005 RAW Diva Search is well underway, and with last week’s talent competition, it has been kicked into high gear. Alexis was sent home last week. This week, one more girl gets eliminated.

Also, John Cena vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam was announced by RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff, who received Cena’s FU finisher for his trouble. With his authority challenged in brash fashion, how will Bischoff respond on RAW? And now that the match has been made, will the two Superstars be able to stay apart until SummerSlam, or will their emotions overflow?

Eric Bischoff comes out before the opening even starts, and is pissed off about what happened to him last week with Cena. He says he could suspend, or even fire Cena, but instead will put him in a match against Snitsky along with handpicked Lumberjacks.

LIVE from Philadelphia, PA
Hosts are Jerry Lawler, Johnathan Coachman, & Jim Ross

Carlito(5-1)(c) vs. Shelton Benjamin(6-5) – Intercontinental Championship match
Regular match, but if Carlito is counted out, he loses the belt. Carlito gets control early on, but Benjamin comes back with a clothesline. Carlito goes out, but Shelton follows him with a top rope clothesline! Back in, Shelton gets a top rope shoulderblock, so Carlito takes his belt and walks off. He remembers that he will lose the title by count-out however, and goes back in. CCC bails again, but Shelton follows it up with a clothesline off the apron! Shelton gets another top rope clothesline for 2. Carlito trips Benjamin up on the top turnbuckle, and gets in control. Shelton comes back, but he falls on a monkey flip, allowing Carlito to pick up 2 with some ropes. DDT gets 2. Benjamin gets a quick inside cradle for 2. Carlito gets a roll-up with some tights for 2. Shelton gets a dragon whip, and goes for the T-bone, but CCC goes low, causing the DQ!

Video package of HBK/Piper from last week.

Commercial break.

Angle Invitational
Mixed reaction for Kurt. Beforehand, Kurt says that he had us all fooled last week, as his whole 2:59 thing was an act for drama. He calls out the man for the Invitational, and it’s Matt Striker again, or whatever the hell his name is. He wants another shot. Kurt says no, as he should, but changes his mind at the last minute and jumps the guy. Kurt gets the upperhand, but Striker gets a rear naked choke to kills some time. He hooks on the body scissors, and Kurt can’t seem to lose him. He does however, snapping his neck on the top rope. Kurt gets the Angle Slam and finishes it with the Ankle Lock.

Commercial break.

Coach and Christy are in the ring, as it’s Diva Search time. They do the Carmella-killer from last year, and show footage of what the girls said about who should be eliminated. They all use the ol’ “they’re not cut out for the job” line, but there’s no woman who gets attacked by the others. Anyways, Simona gets cut, and they go straight to the voting, perhaps finally getting the hint.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Kerwin White and Bischoff are talking golf, when Y2J walks in and commends Eric on the making of the Lumberjack match. Jericho also brings up the fact that they will be at the home of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame next week, and proposes a battle of the bands between Fozzy and Cena. Does a dude and a DJ count as a band?

Meanwhile, HBK rants on about himself, and says that Hogan will just be letting the fans down if he doesn’t accept the challenge. Do people actually think he won’t?

Commercial break.

Master Lock Challenge
Why wasn’t this guy let go? Anyways, the money award is now $20,000, and Rosey answers. Masters hooks on The Master Lock and Rosey doesn’t last long.

Afterwards, Masters says it doesn’t matter how big the guy is – when he’s cut off by the Big Show. Show wants a test at the challenge tonight, and I would actually like to see that, but Masters says no. Big says that Masters is like a squirrel in the winter, as he doesn’t have any nuts.

Backstage, Edge and Lita are with Grisham, and they aren’t very happy. Edge rages on about the cage doing some good by keeping certain losers out, and pretty much slams all his critics.

Commercial break.

Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring to a big pop. First, Hulk thanks the fans for making his new show a hit (hey, it is pretty good), and Nick is even in the crowd with a Mohawk. Hogan says that Michaels needs to come out, and he does just that. HBK stays at the ramp however, as we would have to wait another two weeks for Hulk’s answer if Shawn were to get into the ring. HBK says that he’s different from all of Hogan’s other opponents, as none of those men had the passion which he does. Hogan says that Shawn’s on when it comes to Summerslam, and ends it with the ol’ “Whatcha gonna do…”.

Backstage, Bischoff is talking to the Lumberjacks which were handpicked by Jericho. Chris gives them a motivational speech as we cut to the steel cage lowering.

Commercial break.

Kane(6-1) vs. Edge(6-4) – Cage match
Hardy jumps Edge beforehand, causing the security to take him down. Matt manages to escape however, as we go to a:

Commercial break.

We return with the match in progress. Edge comes back from a whip with a DDT for 2. Kane gets back in control and looks to go up, but Edge stops him and gets a weak Spear against the cage. Some more cage attacks cause Kane to get busted open, and Edge is in control. Kane comes back with a sideslam, as well as a top rope clothesline, but Edge eventually comes off the top with a missle dropkick. Edge climbs the cage, but Kane trips him, causing Edge to land on the ropes in not a pretty way. Chokeslam is stopped by a kick to the groin, and Edge looks to escape. Kane catches him once more, and gets a powerbomb for 2. Edge pushes Kane off and bounces back with a Spear for 2. Edge tries to crawl out through the door, but fails. He gets the briefcase though, but Kane stops him with a Chokeslam. Kane then…climbs? Huh? Anyway, Edge stops him with some briefcase shots, allowing him to climb to the top. Kane sits up and tries to stop him, but Edge hits him over the noggin near the top to put him down long enough for his victory.

Commercial break. By the way, am I the only one who notices this weird static on the side of the WWE commercials tonight?

Smackdown! Rebound.

Backstage, Cena is with Maria, who is worried about the axes and falling trees in the Lumberjack match. John asks Maria to go fetch him a flannel shirt, as he makes a statement to Y2J and Bischoff. The Y2Cheap stuff is really lame.

Commercial break.

Snitsky(0-2) vs. John Cena(6-0) – Lumberjack match
Gene throws him out right away, but Cena jumps back in and does the same. Conway messes with Cena’s foot, but Cena ignores it and gets a flying shoulderblock and a backdrop. Cena goes back out, where he gets the crap beat out of him, leaving him easy for Snitsky.

Commercial break.

We’re back with Snitsky in control over Cena. Cena fights back, but walks into a spinebuster, letting Gene pick up 2. Neckbreaker gets 2. Cena comes back with a snap suplex, but Jericho pulls him out for some beatings. Back in, Gene gets 2. Cena fights back for a while, but makes the mistake of dealing with Jericho, allowing Snitsky to get a clothesline for 2. Gene misses a clothesline into the corner, allowing John to go for the FU, but Kurt chops the knee, allowing Gene to pick up 2. Cena gets thrown back out, resulting in an ass whooping, and Gene gets a boot for 2. Cena escapes a Pump-handle slam, and hits a DDT, as some guys come out to lend Cena a hand. It’s a huge brawl on th outside, as Y2J gets a chair. He goes in, but Cena takes care of him. Snitsky does get the chair however, but walks into a FU for the 3.


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