[Misc] Spike TV News

Spike TV has informed WWE that there will be a seven second delay on tonight’s Raw show due to the nipple slip incident from a few weeks ago as well as the fear of inappropriate language being used in the Diva Search segment tonight. It is not that unusual for this to happen, but hasn’t been the issue as of late.

The Spike TV deal for TNA is said to be signed, and but there is a legal issue, which should be expiring imminently, and that has delayed the announcement. As soon as the issue expires, which we are told is “moments away,” the announcement will be made, so very possibly tomorrow. TNA in its videos teased the deal was already done in cryptic fashion on last night’s PPV show. So keep it here on insidepulse.com as we will have more on this story as it developes.

Credit: Dave@wrestlingobserver.com