[MISC] Matt Hardy Web Site News

While THEMattHardy.com was down, presumably due to traffic issues caused a week ago, but as of Tuesday was up-and-running (although a bit out of date and with no message boards; in fact if you click over to his “M-Boards” you get the following error message: “The Following PHPBB Forum was disabled for security reasons. If you are the webmaster of this forum please contact your web host for more detail.”). However, TheMattHardyShow.com has launched a beta version of the site, along with Matt Facts, several photos, and a new message board, as well as information on premium/paid membership and merchandise sales.

The following “news updates” have been posted on the site:

7-16-2005 – TheMattHardyShow.com invades Ring of Honor!

Woodbridge , CT-

Following nearly 10 months off from stepping into a ring, Matt Hardy, along with the BuzzMEDIAproductions.com crew, invaded Ring of Honor for a showdown with TNA’s X-Division Champion, The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels.

Although Matt recently stormed the WWE at July 11th’s RAW in East Rutherford, NJ to seek retribution on Edge and Lita, and was arrested in the process, the Sensei of Mattitude fulfilled his obligation to Cary and Gabe at ROH, as well as the 1100 fans who packed the CT. Sports Complex to see him.

With TheMattHardyShow.com cameras rolling, Matt squared off with and defeated Christopher Daniels, who at one point, was subjected to consecutive back-to-back superplexes from all four corners, as well as two Twist of Fates.

At the conclusion of the event, Matt stayed to visit with the loyal M-F’ers who came to see him. Although the line was long, the arena was stifling hot, and he had just wrestled for 25 minutes, Matt stayed until every autograph was signed and every picture was taken.

-Its US vs THEM

7-18-2005 – TheMattHardyShow.com launches 2 weeks early!

Ocean, NJ-

With over 2 million visitors in the last 3 weeks, TheMattHardyShow.com, launched a test version of the site at midnight on the morning of July 18, while still in the process of being created by the team at OnGuardHost.com.

A living work in progress, TheMattHardyShow.com in its current state, is in a word, a test. When Matt returned to RAW last Monday, July 11th, the creative teams at BuzzMEDIA Productions and OnGuardHost.com realized how important an immediate version of TheMattHardyShow.com would be.

Striking while the proverbial iron was ‘white’ hot, Andrew Wright, Co-Creator of TheMattHardyShow.com, along with Matt, agreed that until the final version of the site, originally scheduled to debut at 11:30pm est. on Monday, August 1 was up, something temporary had to be posted.

Knowing the quality and content of The Matt Hardy Show Episode 1 could stand alone, and the word would spread like a blazing fire, a quick platform was developed, complete with incompletion and bugs of all varieties.

Stay tuned. The bugs are being exterminated while TheMattHardyShow.com is poised to reach a new level.

7-18-2005 – Update Schedule.

Updated every 2 weeks and featuring 4 segments of original and dynamic content, be prepared for the world of Matt Hardy, his brother Jeff, girlfriend Lori, and the rest of the TMHS.com cast and crew.

Matt Facts

Matt has never betrayed a close friend.

Matt occasionally cheats on his diet.

Matt paid cash for his house.

Matt has more money than you.

Matt’s kitchen appliances are all stainless steel.

Matt likes his eggs cooked over-easy.

Credit: TheMattHardyShow.com