[MISC] Interview: Charlie Haas on Gerweck Report


From Steve Gerweck’s Gerweck Hotline:

Charlie Haas Interview Recap

– Haas said it would have made sense to switch him to Raw and reform the Haas/Benjamin tag team, and then perhaps do an angle where one would turn on the other.

– Haas believes WWE split up the Haas/Benjamin team way too early. “They aren’t high on the tag team division anymore,” said Haas, “They have the titles, they just don’t push it.”

– He said WWE split up the Haas/Benjamin team during the period Goldberg and Brock Lesnar were leaving the company, Angle was injured, thus the draft lottery to balance the rosters.

– Haas believes a tag team feud today could be a main event program.

– Haas said three days after the honeymoon, he and his wife (Jackie Gayda) were let go.

– John Laurinaitis had the unfortunate task of phoning the talent to inform them of their firings. “Its not his decision .. it sucks for him.”

– Haas said he has read that Smackdown writer Dave Lagana felt Haas lacked charisma to be a top star.

– When asked about Jackie’s release, Haas said WWE is “rotating divas, they got away from women’s wrestling.”

– Haas said Jackie had a feeling a release could be coming.

– “I can compete anywhere for 90 days, but TNA,” said Haas, revealing he has worked out an early release from the company.

– Haas doesn’t really see a ‘door being open in the future’ to WWE since he was fired.

– Haas doesn’t feel going to TNA would hurt his chances of a possible return. He feels his only way to go back to WWE is for himself to establish a new character somewhere and get over.

– When asked about why he felt he was released, Haas believed Lagana had it in for him.

– Haas would have liked to continue his angle with Hardcore Holly vs. MNM.

– Haas feels WWE goes in cycles, and now they are focused on entertainment more than wrestling.

– Haas has no problem with Laurinaitis, who granted him an early release, and is helping him find work in Japan.

– Haas said he is a fan of the Japanese wrestling style, and feels he could fit into the Japanese wrestling landscape.

– Haas stated that Jackie has also gotten an early release.

– He said he didn’t see TNA’s No Surrender PPV, as he doesn’t have PPV capabilities.

– When asked about his WWE highlights, Haas mentioned working three Wrestlemanias, doing Team Angle, winning the tag team titles, and meeting his wife. “I have nothing against WWE, I thank them for everything.”

– Haas said he was thrilled by the reaction he received over the weekend in Jersey All Pro Wrestling.

– Haas said he was looking forward to going back to his roots, JAPW and Jim Kettner’s ECWA.

– He stated that he is getting a lot of phone calls for independent work.

– When asked about working for Ring of Honor, he said his door is open.

– Haas is eager to prove WWE creative wrong about his departure from company.

– Haas said Jackie is in the midst of doing photo shoots with Oxygen and Ironman magazines.

– Haas put over Jim Cornette and Danny Davis as being creative guys and hard workers.

– Haas mentioned that his former partner Rico has gone into law enforcement.

– He plugged his official web site, www.haasofpain.net and his upcoming shows!

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