'Big Brother 6' Spoiler : Secret Pairs Exposed!

Janelle chose tonight to let Mike in on her secret; that Ashlea and she knew eachother before they entered the Big Brother house. Mike encouraged her to tell Kaysar, who in turn, told Janelle that he and Mike knew eachother beforehand.

Kaysar and Janelle used their time in the Gold Room to pool what they know: Ivette & Beau and April & Jenn are paired. They incorrectly guess that Eric & James, Maggie & Rachel are paired. They also think that Howie paired up with Sarah, and they confront him on it when he comes to the Gold Room. When he denies it, they ask him straight out if he knows anyone in the house. Janelle lets Howie know of the pairs that they know of.

Then Kaysar makes his move: If Howie swears that he will go to the end with Kaysar and Janie, that they will let him in on their secret. He swears, and they let them know it all. That Janie & Ashlea, Mike & Kaysar, Beau & Ivette, and April & Jenn are paired up. Howie plays his hand tight, not letting them know that he knew Rachel before he came to the BB House.

The three of them, along with Mike, start hashing out a plan to use their new-found knowledge to their advantage, making a plan to pick off the pairs, one at a time. They call their little alliance “The Wolves”, to oppose Eric’s “Sheep”.

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