Murtzcellanious – LIVE Canadian Idol Thoughts – July 20

My seats were absolutely phenomenal for the Wednesday night taping of Canadian Idol. I was placed in the left orchestra, Row K, Seat 30.

I left with a colleague of mine from the Toronto Sun. We got to the building and I was happy to see that the atmosphere was a lot calmer than the night before.

I picked up my ticket and took my seat. I was sitting next to an editor from the Toronto Star and we were talking about the show since it was his first time and I was a wily veteran by this point. He was also telling me some interesting stories about Jake Gold back when he was the manager of The Tragically Hip.

I then started focusing in on who I thought was going to be leaving. Apparently, my review of last night’s show did not go over that well since many people wrote in to tell me that I was wrong about Emily Vinette’s performance. I think the collective assessment was that she was the worst on the Tuesday night show, but I said that she was one of the best. As a result, she was the wildcard of the show. I thought that she would be safe, but we shall see.

Personally, I though that Casey was cooked.

Sue Brophy came out for the audience warm-up and introduced Ben Mulroney and the judges before the show began.

When it did, Mulroney announced that there were an incredible 2.4 million votes cast. Then the Top 10 came out to perform the first group number of the evening.

They sang “Lovers In A Dangerous Time.” I noticed that Rex was given the lead in what was probably a sign of things to come. At one point, the contestants split off into little groups and I noted that there was virtually no chemistry between Emily/Suzi/Josh.

After a commercial break, it was time for a special performance by American Idol, Carrie Underwood. She was in town for a concert and sang “Inside Your Heaven” for the pleased audience.

At this point, I have to again mention my disdain for Luke O’Reilly. This guy is one of the most bonafide glory-hounds I have ever seen. Before the show started, they usually pan the camera around the audience and show everyone’s signs to get the crowd revved up. Luke had made 10 different signs, each proclaming the hotness of the top 10. Like “Daryl Is Hot.” “Suzi Is Hot.” “Casey Is Hot.” Yeah, it was cute. But also incredibly contrived. Then DURING Underwood’s performance, he screamed “You’re Hot” while she was singing.

Luke buddy, keep it in your pants.

It was an example of the horrible immaturity of the guy and I was revolted.

Carrie sounded great and I thought that her performance was a solid indication of how much growing the Top 10 have to do before they reach that level.

After her song, Ben Mulroney presented her with a double platinum award on behalf of Sony/BMG. Underwood said that her album will come out before Christmas. She also advised the Canadian contestants to just “go out there and do what you do.”

A recap of the Tuesday night performances was shown and while this was airing, Ben Mulroney attempted to double-kiss Underwood on her way out. This was really funny because Carrie was only expecting one and Ben had to explain to her that in Canada it was two.

During the same recap, the couches were brought out and it was finally time for the results.

Let’s get to it:


A commercial break was taken leaving Suzi, Melissa and Casey on the couch. I think everyone expected Casey to join Daryl and Emily at the bottom. I certainly did.

After the break, Ben resumed.

He announced that Suzi was safe and so was… Casey! MELISSA had made the bottom three. Melissa was the best singer in my opinion on Tuesday night so this was a stunner.

Anyway, her heart didn’t have to go crazy for too long as she was sent to the couch pretty quickly but it was still an intense moment.

This left Daryl and Emily on stage. One would be leaving.

Judge Zack Werner was aghast and said that there “must be an awful lot of phones in Nova Scotia.” I think that this was in reference to Casey, and if it was, he made a mistake since she is from New Brunswick. Anyway, even though Casey wasn’t in danger, she still looked like a wreck and seemed to be hyperventilating.

Daryl was crying on stage and finally the result was read.

Emily’s gone. I guess you guys were right. While I thought that she had one of the better performances on Tuesday, apparently I was wrong. She sang us out as Mulroney announced that next week’s theme is Stevie Wonder.

With that, I am off to the Playboy Studios in LA for some business. I actually return on Tuesday, so we shall see if I make it back in time to catch the show. I will be heading over there straight from the airport.

Have a good week all!