SmackDown Results!

Good news! We killed Brad! Bad news! I don’t do play by play!

SmackDown Results:

– Rey Mysterio def. Super Crazy via DQ due to Eddie Guerrero hitting Rey with The Mexicools rake.

– Eddie Guerrero tried to leave, but Teddy Long told him he had a match tonight. Against who? Well, it’s a secret.

– Christian tells Josh Matthews he will defeat Booker T at the GAB. He rolls footage of him pinning Booker T last week and says that T will be a 2 time loser come Sunday, because that’s how he rolls.

– Animal is putting on his makeup and Heidenreich reads him a poem. Animal says that Heidenreich is a lot more like Hawk than he thought.

– Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich def. Julio Dinero and Nick Berk via Doomsday Device.

– Eddie Guerrero’s secret opponent is Chris Benoit.

– Benoit def. Guerrero via countout after Eddie bailed.

– Rey comes out and beats Eddie down before the agents pull him off.

– Candace is out to salute the troops, but Melina runs out and strips her down since she is going to be the referee on Sunday. Torrie makes the save.

– Booker T def. Simon Dean via Scissors Kick

– JBL out dressed like Apollo Creed for his victory speech. He guarantees victory this Sunday and even has the new Smackdown magazine with his victory on the cover! Batista comes out, doing his tank gun pyro, and calls JBL a loudmouth, a bully, and a phony. Brawl ensues, JBL bails and Orlando gets the spinebuster. Batista puts on the red, white and blue vest and hat and taunts JBL as the show closes.