[SD] “Death” of Hassan Causes Changes

This could be considered a spoilers, so if you don’t want to have the Great American Bash spoiled, click away. 5 seconds…






Apparently, the decision to get rid of the Muhammad Hassan character is resulting in a lot of long-term plans for the Smackdown brand being changed. From what I understand, the working plan at one point was for Randy Orton to cost Undertaker his number one contender’s match with Hassan at the Great American Bash. This would set up Undertaker vs. Randy Orton and World Champion Batista vs. Muhammad Hassan as the top Smackdown matches for the Summerslam PPV, apparently with Batista going over Hassan and Orton beating Taker, since further down the road, Batista vs. Orton is being looked at as a potential main event program for the brand. I’m not sure if WWE decided to not go in that direction before this week, but obviously Batista vs. Hassan will not be taking place at Summerslam now.

Credit: PWInsider

Additionally, Variety has picked up the story on Hassan being dropped.