[TNA] News and Notes

– Former ECW champion Rhino, back to the old ECW spelling since WWE owns the copyright on the “Rhyno” name, has officially signed a deal with TNA.

-TNA has copyrighted the name “Kip James” for Billy Gunn/The Outlaw. They have also trademarked “The James Gang” which could be the name of the tag team if he and BG James do reunite. TNA has also copyrighted the name “Unbreakable”, which will be the title of a future PPV event.

– Taking a cue from the WWE-Muhammad Hassan video clip on WWE.com, TNA’s website features a video clip of Matt Bentley explaining why he is no longer using the Michael Shane name.

– The TNA website also features an article by Dave Sahadi looking at TNA’s announcement that they cleared Spike TV with comments from Abyss and AJ Styles, among others.

Credit: PWInsider