[SD] More Mainstream Hassan Coverage

– Dave Meltzer at WrestlingObserver.com is reporting confirmation that WWE will drop the Hassan character and not moving him to RAW. They want to keep Daivari, but nothing has been confirmed.

– The AP has done a big story on the situation, interviewing WWE and UPN spokespeople, as well as someone from the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. The full article can be found here.

– Dave Scherer at PWInsider.com is reporting that Hassan is indeed being sent back down to Ohio Valley Wrestling while WWE figures out what to do next.

Matthew Michael note: As I recently posted on TheWrestlingBlog.com, WWE would be missing out on a nice little angle by simply turning Daivari babyface and having HIM cause a Hassan loss to Taker at the PPV. The way WWE is doing “worked shoots” lately, it would be the perfect time for Daivari — from Middle Eastern descent — to call Hassan out for being an “Italian-American using an Arab gimmick to advance his career” (Hassan’s real name is Mark Copani) and “making me and all Arab-Americans look bad” and that he took it too far and Daivari is done covering up this charade. You suddenly have an Arab-American babyface in Daivari, and a cowardly heel in Copani. I guess time will tell, and knowing WWE, they’ll probably have Undertaker bury Hassan in cement… [end of editorial comments].