En Francais: TNA Impact Report

TNA Impact Report

But first, check Jeremy Lambert’s TNA At Ringside here as well as Eric Szulczewski’s column. Not that they need plugs or anything.

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Pierre-Carl Ouellette introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. They talk about the deal between Spike TV and TNA. PCO says that now is the opportunity for the wrestlers that got fired from WWE to come to TNA. Does Ouellette always have to be in character?

David Young vs Lance Hoyt: Young starts the attack on the outside and then brings him back in. Back and forth they go, until Abyss hits the ring and attacks both men: sit down torture rack for Young and Black Hole Slam to Hoyt. James Mitchell has the microphone. What we just saw is just a foreshadowing of things to come. He is the weapon of mass destruction. Brace yourselves of more explosions of Abyss.


Samoa Joe vs Sonjay Dutt: This is the first round of the Super X Cup, in which the winner gets to face Christopher Daniels, who is doing commentary, for the X title at the Sacrifice PPV. Sonjay starts the attack with huge kicks to Joe’s leg.


We come back with a SUICIDE DIVE by Samoa Joe. Back in, he gets 2. Running knee by Joe. Samoa continues the punishment with knees, kicks and chops. Abdominal stretch, which Dutt gets out of. Elbow by Joe gets 2. Half hour suplex gets 2. After beatings in the corner, Samoa hits a side suplex for 2. After Joe misses a charge, Dutt is on fire with springboard dropkick, springboard hurrincarana, baseball slide and a summersault dive to the outside. To the top, body press gets 2. Enziguri by Dutt, off the ropes, powerslam by Joe gets 2. Code Red is applied by Joe, but Dutt puts his foot on the ropes. Dutt placed on the top and Joe is going for the Muscle Buster, no, Dutt bites him. Hurrincara coming, no, Joe with a powerbomb into an STF and Dutt still hangs in there. Joe changes it to a sleeper and Dutt taps out. Shane Douglas tries to get a word with Joe, but he ain’t talking.


Kipp James & Monty Brown vs Sonny Siaki & Aplolo: Brown and Siaki start it off. Both men trade kicks, punches, forearms and chops. Monty is in control in the corner. Whip, reverse, head down by Siaki, forearm by Monty, off the ropes, killer dropkick by Siaki. BG James is looking on from the ramp. Kipp goes in the ring and gets beat on by Siaki, while Monty is beating up Apolo on the outside. Whip to the corner by Siaki, boot up by Kipp. Kipp with punches and pushes the referee down. POOOOOUNCE by Brown to Siaki into the referee. Kipp beats up the ref some more and another referee comes in to count to 3 and give the victory to Brown & Kipp. Ooookay, I though that would be a DQ, but whatever. Truth and Konnan come out and brawl with Kipp and Monty.

Shane Douglas is backstage with Simon Diamond and Young. Simon offers his leadership to Young. If he wants to go somewhere else, he won’t find it. Simon offers his services on a silver platter. Young shakes his hand by saying “I’ve got nothing to lose”.


Independent wrestling is talked about.

Exclusive interview with Trinity(!) on RDS.

– She’s been in the wrestling buisness for 3 years
– Even though it has it’s ups and downs, she hopes that women’s wrestling will do well.
– That’ it

The TNA World champion, Raven, comes out for an interview. At No Surrender, he had two missions: he was going to suffer more punishment than Abyss, and outlast him. Raven figured that the only way Abyss was going to land on the thumbtacks was for Raven go through it as well. Now, Raven focuses on Jeff Jarrett. TNA isn’t big enough for the both of them and one of them will have to go. Jeff Jarrett’s music plays and out he comes. Jarrett says that Raven should be at the top of the list to be fired, not him. JJ also says he wants his belt back. Raven lays down the belt and says you want it, come and get it. Rhino appears and JJ tells him to turn around. Rhino misses the gore and hits the corner. JJ also gets knocked out by Raven. GORE by Rhino. JJ puts the figure four on Raven, with Rhino kicking him.


AJ Styles vs Matt Bently (FKA Michael Shane, w/ Traci): A couple of back and forths by both, one ending with Matt going outside, another with AJ doing a dropkick.


When we return, both trade punches. AJ gets a couple of armdrag and armbar. Suplex gets 2. Sideslam by AJ gets another 2. Off the ropes by AJ, Traci grabs his leg, AJ grabs her, Matt charges and almost hits her, AJ charges and gets body dropped, except he lands on the apron. Matt snaps AJ’s arm on the rope and now he has the advantage. For a few minutes, Matt works on the arm, except for one moment when they were trading chops. AJ finally fights back with a moonsault. AJ with 3 clotheslines and a sprinboard elbow. Discuss clothesline for a 2 by AJ. Styles Clash coming, no, Flatliner by Bently for 2. Powerbomb gets 2. Traci is on the apron, AMW show up, Matt going to hit AJ with something, duck, James Storm with a superkick to Matt. AJ covers for the 1, 2, 3.

We end it in the RDS studios.

The brackets for the Super X Cup:

Sonjay Dutt
vs >Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe

Alex Shelley

Matt Bently
vs > AJ Styles
AJ Styles

Petey Williams
Chris Sabin