'Big Brother 6' Spoiler : Gold Room Safe Clues

The HouseGuests walk inside and realize the coasters are different. Somehow, the coasters lead them to getting quarters, and the pen light on barracks wall. The quarters allowed them to get the clues out of the gum ball machine. When they shined the light on the fish tank, it reveiled a clue.

What we know of the clues (not in particular order):
“To find a clue in the house, use this light and the hidden words will shine bright.” (found near flashlight)
“The first digit to the gold safe on the right is the number of seas (or C’s) that are in plain sight.” (found on fishtank)
“To open the treasure inside follow this simple guide.” (found in gumball machine)
“Turn LEFT 4 times to number ___, turn RIGHT 3 times to number ___, turn LEFT 3 times to…” (found in gumball machine)

Maggie and Rachel are tackling the safes in the gold room, with Howie, Beau, James looking on. Maggie has a clue in her hand that she’s reading directions off of. Kaysar the pen-light, and he’s scanning the rooms with, Eric following. While waiting in the Gold Room, Beau and Sarah search the map for clues. When Kaysar tries to remove the map from the wall, he gets a stern “Kaysar, Stop that!” from Big Brother.

After about half an hour of safe cracking, they give it a break. Howie uses the ultra-violet light as a light saber, giving his best sound effects.

Kaysar and Rachel talk about how there has to be more clues, and get a second wind to look around the Gold Room. They turn off the lights, and examine the map with the pen-light. Sarah and Jenn join them. They put in another twenty minutes or so, with no results.