[SD] More Press on Hassan

– WWE has gotten a ton of press on the Muhammed Hassan situation, with most saying that WWE will “limit his use” moving forward, and WWE PR head Gary Davis often being quoted saying that the point of the character was to highlight injustices on Arab-Americans after 9/11.

– The Muslim Wakeup newspaper in the United Arab Emirates called Davis’ comments “a comical but valiant effort that would have made any p.r. veteran proud” and stated that WWE told the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination League that the character wouldn’t be used after tonight’s PPV.

– Alex Marvez looks at the situation here.

– The finish for Taker/Hassan was originally planned to be Hassan winning after a Randy Orton run-in and RKO on Taker, but that plan is obviously up in the air at this point.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com