[MISC] Matt Hardy Finally Addresses his Fans


Matt Hardy has finally posted a public message to his fans on the forums for his new Web site, TheMattHardyShow.com, explaining how the fans helped get him back to WWE, and that now he’s there on his terms. Some in the IWC have recently criticized Matt for “working his fans,” and they seem to be backing off now that Matt has finally addressed them in an “outside-the-storylines” kind of way. You can see his original post and fan reactions here. Here’s the post:

Hello my friends!

I only have a minute as my life and schedule is absolutely insane right now. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and thank you for visiting The Matt Hardy Show message board. I plan on staying in close contact with everyone here, and keeping you up to date on what’s going on in my life. It was the support and stance of you guys that led me back to appearing on the WWE programming. The people that signed petitions for me, called or e-mail the WWE, or chanted for me at WWE events worldwide drove me to return. Your voice was heard, your opinion mattered–and because you stood up for me and what was right, I had to seize the moment–on my terms. It’s time for Matt Hardy to go “swim in the shark tank” once again. This time, I won’t be stopped, and I will not die. It’s US versus Them, and I’m glad you guys are on my side. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Be well, and until then…


And – I just wanted to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed working for Ring Of Honor this past Saturday. The boys were great, the fans were great, and I am very much looking forward to my other dates with ROH. Just in case you guys haven’t seen it, there is a free video about my ROH appearance on the home page of the site. Check it out. Don’t forget to come check me out this Friday for Big Time Wrestling in California if you’re in the area.

And 2 – If any of you guys watched Byte This this week, I heard they showed a picture and talked about Johnny Ace’s eye getting busted open and swollen shut. Just for the record, that happened when I elbowed that sorry bastard as he was trying to throw me out of his WWE building Monday. Too bad I didn’t get both of his eyes, maybe next time.

Also on TheMattHardyShow.com, updates on the actual “Show” itself have been posted, including a schedule of the episodes and an explanation on how fans are able to subscribe to see the video. Regular updates can be found on TheMattHardyShow.com, but for those interested, here are the latest two posts:

7-22-2005 – Complete Season I Schedule of Episodes

Ocean, NJ- The following schedule outlines when M’ Fer’s can expect the next episode of ‘The Greatest Show not on TV’, TMHS.com!

Each Season of TMHS.com consists of a new episode every 2 weeks on Monday morning at 12am. So, 2 episodes every month for 4 months, giving all paying M F’ers 8 original and unforgettable episodes of Matt Hardy and the gang goodness! Don’t miss it!

Season I, now steadily approaching Episode II on Monday, August 1, began on July 18, and will run all the way until Monday, November 7.

Soon after that time, the Season I DVD of TMHS.com, jam packed with outtakes, B-reels, bloopers, indy matches and home movies from Matt himself will be available for the Christmas season, and then, Season 2 begins!

Episode 1: Monday July 18- Monday August 1

Episode 2: Monday August 1- Monday August 15

Episode 3: Monday August 15- Monday August 29

Episode 4: Monday August 29- Monday September 12

Episode 5: Monday September 12- Monday September 26

Episdoe 6: Monday September 26- Monday October 10

Episode 7: Monday October 10- Monday October 24
Episode 8: Monday October 24- Monday November 7

Remember, once a loyal M F’er subscribes for the show, they will have unlimited views of that particular period of episodes for a 30 day period.

When a new episode cycles in and replaces the previous every two weeks, the old episode will only remain for another 2 weeks, then will disappear into the archives forever! Or at least until the DVD home release!

-Its US vs THEM!


7-22-2005 – TMHS.com is off to a Running Start!

Ocean, NJ- After launching live only 4 days ago on Monday, July 18, TheMattHardyShow.com is quickly becoming a major ‘Revolution in Reality’.

As of today, Friday, July 22, the world of Matt Hardy is expanding. With huge appearances in San Francisco and Sacramento , CA , Matt will also visit Rob Van Dam’s 5 Star Comics in LA.

Of course the real question on every M F’ers mind is whether or not Matt will invade RAW on Monday night in Cleveland , OH . The stage is set for a climax between Adam Copeland and the ‘Scarred One’. The story continues to unfold before the world.

The team here at TMHS.com would like to take this opportunity to update everyone out there on the status of things to come, expect, and depend on at the site. Exciting options in availability of the show itself as well as major interactive sections will be ready by the launch of Episode II on Monday, August 1.

The introduction of the ‘Pay-Per-Clip’ will allow any potential buying M F’er the option to buy one of the 4 single sections of the show for only $ .99, with unlimited views for 30 days! Also, soon, within the body of the Season 1 Section, which is still under live construction, each member of the cast will have their own personal video section with exclusive segments and personal email availability.

Season 1 Section will also begin featuring the ‘US Show’ which gives all paying M F’er Members the space to create their own show within the show. Send us all you’ve got! Cut promos, show us your personal meeting Matt, share your stories and your lives! After all, it’s US vs THEM! Matt will even be contacting all of you at random for inclusion in the show!

Look for TMHS.com to begin featuring the bands of the show as well! Bands like After Yellow Red, 36 CrazyFists, Shovelhook, and so many more have recognized the power of our platform and are on board for the ride to the top of it all. M F’ers will be able to watch and listen to all of these cutting edge groups and communicate personally!

M F’ers should also look forward to the inroduction of the M F’er Squad, the official grassroots promotional street team of TMHS.com! Want to spread the word of the show and all things Hardy? We want you to promote us everywhere you go, and film it. Those loyal legions who get the message of TMHS.com out there the loudest will be heard by Matt and will be brought into the inner circle of the Cameron, NC compound.

Get excited M F’ers! So much is happening around all of us at every turn.

It’s US vs THEM!

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.