'Big Brother 6' Spoiler : Secret Pairs Exposed v2.0

MAJOR chaos brakes out when the HouseGuests returned to the house after the PoV Comp. Eric is fuming mad, convinced that Ivette is ‘in’ on the Kaysar side of things. The couples must have been outted, because Eric angrily said to Sarah, “Give it up. He already admitted that you are his girlfriend! Everybody knows!” Sarah finds her balls and calls out Eric, saying that he promised James he had his back. Eric defends his lies by saying, “Did I swear on my life or my kids? No!”

Even though everyone in the house has figured out who the couples are, April still denies the fact that she knows Jenn. She said that she’s “on the outside” because of it. “I’m in shock, and it hurts my feelings for people to think that I’m a twist,” April adds while talking with Sarah. “I swear to god I’m not part of the twist!!” April is the personfication of a dumb blonde. When Eric tries to call April out, that he knows everyone in the house is paired up, she continues to lie.

Eric and Maggie confirm to Ivette that they knew eachother before entering the BB house. April, piling on the dramatics, absolutely bawls to Ivette on how unfair it is that she doesn’t have a partner in the House.

The whole cast is downstairs in the livingroom, sharing their ‘secrets’. Well, except for Ivette, Beau, Jenn, and April. They give a round of applause to the producers for duping them all. The mood is much happier now, with Howie requesting panties from all the girls before they leave. Maggie makes a deal with the others: if spills the beans about how they know eachother, the other pairs have to. Everyone re-tells the stories of their lives, this time, the whole truth.