[SD] Final Great American Bash Card & Webcast Matches

WWE.com is offering a webcast of the Great American Bash PPV.

The final card for the show will be:

– World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. JBL

– United States Champion Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Benoit

– Muhammad Hassan vs. Undertaker (#1 Contender Match)

– Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio (Secret Match)

– Melina vs. Torrie Wilson (Bra & Panties Match)

– WWE Tag Team Champions MNM vs. Heidenreich & Road Warrior Animal

– Christian vs. Booker T

– The bWo vs. The Mexicools

And along with the webcast on WWE.com come the following matches:

– Great American Bash, 6/27/04: Undertaker vs. The Dudleys

– Great American Bash, 6/11/00: Sting vs. Vampiro

– Great American Bash, 6/13/99: Ric Flair vs. Roddy Piper

– Great American Bash, 7/10/89: Road Warriors, Midnight Express & Steve Williams vs. Samoan Swat Team & The Freebirds

– King of the Ring, 6/23/96: Goldust vs. Ahmed Johnson

– King of the Ring, 6/8/97: Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin

– WCW Nitro, 6/5/00: Miss Hancock & mystery partner vs. Kimberly & Mike Awesome

Credit: WWE.com