The Sunday HEAT Wave

With the eve of the Great American Bash before us, that only means one thing… PREDICTIONS!!!!! And there’s a few that I need to get to as we roll on with this week’s Sunday Night HEAT. Hopefully things stay in place to keep by perfect streak going because UPN has called in for my reality show pilot and… ok, ok, I’ll drop the reality show biz. You know the drill here; I’ll let you all know what’s going on with the show along with my predictions of the match. So let’s get Smackdown’s pre- PPV HEAT rolling.

Live from: Buffalo, NY

Hosts: Todd Grisham and Josh Matthews

Backstage interview with U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan until Benoit comes with a cheap shot to knock him down.
U.S Title Match: Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan (Champ)
MY Prediction: Winner; Benoit. I’m gonna have to go with Benoit here. Just for the simple fact that Jordan isn’t doing much with the title right now anyway, and Benoit is still getting fresh of his trade from RAW so he needs the win.

Re-cap of last week’s Smackdown! Between Batista vs. JBL with Dave dressing up like Uncle Sam at the end.
World Heavyweight Title Match: JBL vs. Batista (Champ)
MY Prediction: Winner; Batista. Big Dave is on a streak right now, and I don’t see WWE letting him drop the title to my personal dis-favorite of Smackdown, JBL. Plus I think they can get a more bigger main event out of Batista come Summerslam.

Review of the Hassan/ Undertaker feud which has got to be stirring the most controversy right now in the wrestling world and out.
Muhammad Hassan w/ Davari vs. The Undertaker
MY Prediction: Winner; The Undertaker. To be honest, this wasn’t really a hard choice to make due to all the stuff that has been circling around lately, and with the WWE pretty much announcing the win to go to the dead man. And actually before this, I think this was going to be my hardest pick to determine. Anyhow, I was starting to really like the probable ideas that were going around with this match heading towards Summerslam if the controversy didn’t spring out. Oh well.

Smackdown! Last week’s confrontation between Eddie Guerrero and Benoit. Ending with Eddie walking out on the match and Rey jumping him from behind before the usual security break-up.
Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
MY Prediction: Winner; Guerrero. Damn this is a hard one. I take back what I said before; this is my hard pick to make. Not sure really, Guerrero had been getting the upper hand as of late pulling this whole secret thing out too. But Mysterio has been getting the wins out of this feud as well as getting the upper hand finally last week on Smackdown. But I’m seeing Eddie winning this one the cheating way to let the secret out of the bag and continuing this feud to end it at Summerslam.

Quick Heat: Is it me, or is Smackdown getting really um… ‘soapy’ with their storylines lately? There was the Booker T/ Angle feud, now this with Guerrero and Mysterio and the “secret”.
Mexicools come down for a quick interview on the set of HEAT outside the hallways of the arena on a lawnmower. Classy.
Mexicools vs. BWO
MY Prediction: Winner; BWO. Um, not really sure here, not much of a feud between these two teams and not much riding on the line as well. I think the Mexicools are just here to get a few laughs from the fans and be the “official” jobbers of Smackdown while trying to uh, act ‘cool’ in doing so.

WWE Tag Team Titles: MNM vs. Animal and Heidenreich
MY Prediction: Winner; MNM. Hey at least their doing something with their tag team belts, unlike RAW who constantly feeds their tag champs to me as the HEAT main event every week. MNM just because they have that hot girl with them and have a gimmick unlike Animal who’s just there to sell the new LOD DVD.

Bra and Panties Match: Torrie vs. Melina w/ special guest referee Candace Michelle
MY Prediction: Winner; Torrie. Huh, what… this isn’t the RAW Diva search? Thank goodness, you can get confused with these things. Torrie just for the simple fact she was the poster girl for this PPV and she hasn’t done much lately. Besides, I got more of the hots towards Candace Michelle (wish she wasn’t traded to Smackdown) in which I rather see her in her bra and panties. What am I saying? She’ll be in her underwear too; she’s in the match isn’t she?

Christian vs. Booker T
MY Predictions: Winner; Christian. Another case of staying on a streak after the draft. Christian seems to be getting the win to keep him staying legit. Plus I’m a peep and that’s how I roll!!!!!!

Cruiserweight Title Match: Nunzio vs. Paul London (Champ)
Michael Cole and Tazz join us from ringside for commentary. And things start off fast as a usual cruiserweight match will do. A few back and forth moves between the two and a very bad spot from Nunzio onto London who was caught up on the ropes. Trying their best to cover up the mistake, momentum is quickly changed over to London who goes up top on the far left corner and hits the shooting star press to retain the title.
Winner: Paul London

Great American Bash match rundown:
– World Heavyweight Title Match: JBL vs. Batista (Champ)

– United States Title Match: Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan (Champ)

– # 1 Contender Match: Muhammad Hassan vs. Undertaker

– Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

– Bra and Panties Match: Melina vs. Torrie Wilson w/ special guest referee Candace Michelle

– WWE Tag Team Title Match: Animal and Heidenreich vs. MNM (Champs)

– Christian vs. Booker T

– The BWO vs. The Mexicools

Heat Wave of the Night: Well we got a busy show on our hands for this PPV. And to keep my prediction streak alive is going to be a rough road as a few uncertainties are taking place. And if I do miss some, hey I really don’t watch Smackdown that often, so we can chalk it up to that! What do you think good cover up right? Well enjoy the show and keep it here on the pulse for all the coverage on tonight’s PPV. I’ll catch up with you all next week and we’ll see how I stacked up on my picks. Peace.

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