[RAW] New Details On Hardy Return, Comparison with Bret Screwjob, More

– At the time of the wedding angle between Lita and Edge, Matt Hardy had not been signed yet, although WWE was talking about bringing him back and Matt, Lita and Edge had agreed to work the angle. The pop from the fans when the music hit was what led to asking Matt back after some debate, with the prevailing feeling being that Matt was a good company guy who never did anything to deserver being fired. John Laurinaitis, who’s decision it was to let Hardy go, was in turn overruled, and at that time everyone agreed that the best thing for business would be to work it as if it was a shoot. Similar to Michaels and Hart in 1997, this angle stands to be intriguing since one never knows in interviews what is real and what is scripted (such as Lita and Hardy on Byte This — which some are saying was the most-watched episode in the program’s history — or Edge’s interview on the 7/18 RAW). The potential to make good money out of this angle is great.

– It was Vince’s decision to tease Matt’s return in the backstage segment with Lita, Edge and Snitsky and with a backstage attack on Edge by Hardy, while mostly everyone else thought the in-ring segment should have been it.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)