Zoom Suit Screening at TVnet.net Online Film Festival

Palm Beach, Florida July 24 – Comic fans have until the end of July to vote for the animated superhero short, Zoom Suit in the online www.tvnet.net film competition. Throughout the month of July visitors may purchase a ‘Festival Pass’ to watch 3 feature films and 18 shorts, totaling almost 8 hours of content. Nearly 1,000 films were submitted by talented filmmakers from around the world.

Zoom Suit spins the tale of an alien battle suit recovered from the crash at Roswell New Mexico in 1947, and Myles a present day twelve year old. The suit is lost during a military exercise over New York City. Myles finds the suit, and mistakes it for a Halloween costume. Clothes make the man, or in this case the boy in this lighthearted superhero adventure.

Written and Directed by John Taddeo, the 12 minute short is animated utilizing, Flash, Poser, Maya, After Effects and Final cut.

Taddeo, formerly of Marvel Entertainment conceived the idea for Zoom Suit in the early 1980’s when Marvel Comics Iron Man artist Bob Layton created the memorable cover to Iron Man #117. The image which was listed as one of the 100 greatest comic covers of all time by Wizard: The Guide to Comics, depicts Iron Man’s alter ego Tony Stark leaping from a plane with his armored super suit packed away in a suitcase. In that famous issue Tony manages to get dressed during the freefall and fly to safety. Inspired by Bob’s cover image Taddeo wrote the first draft of Zoom Suit at the age of twelve.

The concept was originally created to be released as a comic book. However, Taddeo’s love for comics and film have led to the creation of both formats simultaneously. The next installment of the Zoom Suit animation is scheduled for completion late October, two issues of the four issue Zoom Suit limited series comic are complete and will be solicited for sale early 2006. Additionally, a Zoom Suit live action feature film is in negotiation.

The most famous comic artists ever to draw armored superheroes have contributed covers to the upcoming series including Bob Layton who worked on Marvel Comics Iron Man a staggering 97 issues and fan favorite X-O Man-O-War penciler Bart Sears. Silver age legend Gene Colan, the original artist on Iron Man #1 released nearly 40 years ago, also turned in a stunning cover image.

“We started the comic and animated a few panels to utilize on the website. Then we did a few more, and more until the project took on a life all it’s own.”, said Jorge Palacios, Zoom Suit Chief Animator.

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As an added bonus, fans that vote for Zoom Suit are eligible to receive a “Metal Effects” signed and numbered trading Card set featuring art by Bob Layton, Bart Sears, Jorge Palacios and Gene Colan. The bonus is limited to 100 signed and numbered sets. There is no charge for shipping or handling. Register to vote at http://www.tvnet.net/festivalb.php. The Festival ends July 31st.

For additional information on Zoom Suit or Superverse Productions please visit www.superverse.com.