[RAW] Raw Preview, Anti-Raw Preview


From WWE.com:

Edge and Kane have been at each other’s throats for months now. Ever since Lita helped Edge defeat her husband Kane in the Gold Rush tournament in May, these two Superstars have been trying to literally end each other’s career. Lita rubbed it in Kane’s face, threw her wedding ring down the toilet and got her marriage annulled. Edge and Lita then tried to get married live on RAW, but Kane did his best to ruin their big night. The Big Red Monster came out on top in their match at Vengeance as well, but the score was not entirely settled. They met again last week on RAW, this time in a steel cage. Thanks to the use of his trusty briefcase, Edge came out on top, but will he have the last laugh? This week the two bitter enemies will face off once again, this time in a Stretcher Match.

Plus, John Cena overcame all odds and defeated Snitsky in a lumberjack match. RAW GM Eric Bischoff tried to stack the odds against Cena by hand-picking the lumberjacks, but Cena still came out on top. This week Chris Jericho will try to upstage Cena in a Battle of the Bands.

Also, things are heating up in the 2005 Diva Search Contest. Last week Simona went home leaving Kristal, Elisabeth, Summer, Cameron, Leyla and Ashley. Who will go home next? Watch RAW to find out (Spike TV, 9/8 CT).

From Dan Hevia:

In a shocking example of how inept our creative department is, we will be running ANOTHER Kane match against Edge! This one will be a stretcher match, which you might need at home because you may just blow your head off watching this again. Will Matt Hardy, still buying tickets for events and ruining any semblance of security that the fans may feel, come through the crowd to get at Edge again? Will security do their job and put an end to this? Who knows? There will be a stretcher match tonight though!

John Cena overcame all odds, well…odds that unborn children cannot overcome, and defeated Gene Snitsky in a Lumberjack match last week. What can we follow this up with!? A Battle of the Bands of course! We want our John C! We want our Fozzy! Hell, anything to make you forget how much last night sucked!

Also, the whores are still here, and there will be an elimination tonight. Who will take their clear heels back to the strip club? Find out tonight, Spike TV, RAAAAAAW!