InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 7.25.05

Feedback…well, sorta:

Recent events involving WWE, UPN and Mark Magnus (aka: Muhammad Hussan) have spawned a support website which details the continuing events, a brief overview of the Muhammad Hassan character and a chance to speak out against the UPN television network.

The website can be found at – David Konamii

On to RAW.

Video package of the Lumberjack match from last week.

LIVE from Cleveland, OH
Hosts are Jerry Lawler, Johnathan Coachman, & Jim Ross

Angle Invitational
Kurt says that tonight he’s looking for some real competition, and gets…Christy Hemme. Well, she’s actually here to introduce somebody, that somebody being Cleveland’s own Eugene. Nice pop for that. Kurt and Eugene argue whether he’s from Cleveland or not, but Kurt agrees to the match anyway. Angle attacks him from behind, and takes off the Browns jersey, using it as tissue. Kurt gets some crossfaces and a few uppercuts, and hits a vertical suplex. The fans get on Kurt, as Angle takes him into the corner. Eugene “hulks up” with about 40 seconds left, and goes for a Stunner, but Angle pushes him off and clotheslines him down. Angle Slam, and Kurt puts on the Ankle Lock, but Eugene rolls through and pushes Kurt to the outside as time runs out! Eugene wins the medal!

Backstage, Viscera is seen with a midget look-a-like.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Cena drops in Bischoff’s office to listen to him verbally insult him and talk about how he’s going to make his life a living hell. Eric turns his back on John to rant some, and finds Cena gone when he turns around.

Antonio & Pocket Rocket vs. Viscera & Cloacas
Rocket takes down Cloacas, and tags in Antonio. By the way, Pocket Rocket is a midget look-a-like of the Heart Throbs, while Cloacas is one of Vis. Antonio gets an airplane spin, but misses an elbow. Cloacas rolls through Antonio’s hands and tags in Viscera. Vis goes wild and gets a somoan drop, while Romeo tries a sleeper. Vis easily disposes of him, as well as Rocket, and finishes Antonio off with a big splash from Cloacas off of his back.

Meanwhile, the stretcher is being brought to the arena.

JR and the crew (who are at ringside) pay their respects to Lord Alfred Hayes.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Shelton wants a no count-out, no DQ match with Carlito for the IC title. Eric doesn’t like Benjamin’s attitude however, and puts him in a match with Snitsky and Chris Masters instead.

Meanwhile, Maria is interviewing Chris Jericho and asks if any other of the muppets are coming. Y2J asks her is it’s easy being a ditz, and says that he deserves to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Hip Hop isn’t even real music.

Commercial break.

Battle of the Bands time, as Cena does Bad Bad Man with his posse and pyro and Fozzy does…well Fozzy does nothing, as Y2J pulls them out, since the crowd is already bias. Jericho says that the people can see him perform at Summerslam though, where he will beat John Cena for the WWE Championship. Cena and his crew finish the set with My Time is Now.

Backstage, Michaels looks in the mirror and yells for make-up

Commercial break.

Backstage, Bischoff calls on Carlito to put a stop to Cena’s fun tonight. He puts Carlito in a match against him tonight

HBK comes out to a mixed reaction and some delayed pyro. Shawn says that he would call out Hogan right here tonight, but can’t, as Hulk’s out promoting his show. Michaels says that he doesn’t have a desire to be anything but the greatest in-ring performer the WWE has ever seen. HBK goes raw (pun half-intended) on Hogan, saying that all he does is pose and possibly rip his shirt off, while HBK goes out every night and reinvents his own legacy by putting on 5 star matches. Shawn says that the monkeys in the back are freaking out because Shawn is hurting the Hulkster’s rep, but Micahels doesn’t care, as he knows he won’t have any consequences. Shawn finishes it off by asking Hogan what he’s gonna do when HBK won’t lay down for you, as well as telling Vince to be careful of what he wishes for.

Commercial break.

Snitsky & Chris Masters vs. Shelton Benjamin(7-5)
Benjamin starts off with Snitsky, dumping him, and quickly giving the same treatment to Masters. Benjamin follows them out with a top rope summersault! Back in, Masters gets back in control with a headlock, but Shelton fights out and gets a somoan drop. Masters gets a whip into the corner, but Shelton dodges the charge and gets the splash. Benjamin looks for the T-bone, but Master distracts the ref, allowing Gene to get a kick to the back of the head. Chris puts on The Master Lock, and Shelton fights it for a while, but to no avail.

Afterwards, Masters and Snitsky stay on Benjamin until the Big Show comes out for the save.

Commercial break.

Diva Search time, as Cameron is the one cut tonight. Anyways, tonight’s contest is hot dog eating with an 1 minute time limit. At the end, it’s a tie between Summer and Leyla, who have a 30 second eat-off, with Leyla being the winner and having immunity.

Commercial break.

Edge(7-4) vs. Kane(6-2)
Edge gets jumped beforehand by Kane. Edge comes back with some weak Spears in the corner, but Kane fights back and tosses him. Kane takes control on the outside and lays Edge on the stretcher and starts to pull him out. Edge fights, but Kane just opts to give him a hard push towards the ring.

Commercial break.

We’re back with Edge in control over Kane on the outside. Back in the ring, Kane powers out of what looks to be an Edgecution, and goes up for the top rope clothesline. He sets up the Chokeslam, but Lita comes in with a chair. Kane deals with her easily, but Edge does manage to get in a Spear. Kane gets placed on the stretcher, but goozles Edge until Lita hits him with a kendo stick. Back in the ring again, Edge gets the kendo stick and beats it over Kane’s head, causing a little cut. Edge goes for the Snitsky special, but Kane sits up and nails him while he’s on the 2nd turnbuckle. Kane pulls Edge up to the apron, and Chokeslams him on the stretcher. Kane starts to pull him off, but Lita tries to stop him with the briefcase. She fails, however, and Kane tries a Chokeslam off the ramp. Edge saves Lita with the briefcase though, and continues to beat him over the head with it until he’s in bad enough shape to be rolled out. Kane looks get out of the predicament for a while when he goes to Chokeslam Lita, but Edge hits him with the briefcase one more time to finally put him out.

Afterwards, Edge and Lita make the mistake of celebrating when Kane ambushes them, and gives a Tombstone to Lita. Kane walks off while Edge attends Lita, when Matt Hardy does his weekly run in.

Commercial break.

Carlito(5-2) vs. John Cena(7-0) – Special Guest Referee Chris Jericho
Cena gets some right hands and a backdrop to a big pop. Carlito comes back with an elbow, and goes out to get a chair, but Y2J stops him. Cena gets a clothesline for 2. Carlito comes back with a DDT for 2. Some right hands get 2. Vertical suplex gets 2. Flapjack gets 2. Cena eventually tries to fight back, but Carlito stops him with a dropkick for 2. Swinging neckbreaker gets 2. John looks to get back in control, but his gut meets knee and gets covered for 2. Cena finally gets some momentum going and hits the 5 knucke shuffle, and tries the FU, but Jericho kicks him in the balls, bulldogs him, and hits the Lionsault to give Carlito 3.


Biggest Cheers
3)Kane/Matt Hardy

Biggest Jeers


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